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Mask Episode 1-18: Discussion Post

Sypnosis: Ji-Sook (Soo-Ae) goes through a difficult period, due to her father's private loan. She begins living as Eun-Ha. Eun-Ha is from a wealthy family and looks like Ji-Sook. When Min-Woo (Joo Ji-Hoon) was only 7 years old, he became the successor of a large corporation which his family ran. Due to his position, he cannot reveal his feelings. Through his family, he meets Eun-Ha. He notices she is different from other wealthy woman that he has met. Min-Woo has feelings for her.

Genre: Drama, melo, makjang, romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast: Wednesdays & Thursdays on SBS

Soo-Ae as Byun Ji Sook/Seo Eun Ha
Joo Ji Hoon as Choi Min Woo
Yeong Jung Hoon as Min Seok Hoon
Yoo In Young as Choi Mi Yeon
Hoya as Byun Ji Hyeok

[Watch here]Episodes 1 - 18 @ Dramanice

[JJH appreciation time]
korea's best kisser imo

Sukhoon is such a stylish villain, i'm enjoying him so much that i don't want him to get retribution. his looks of hatred 👌also how crazy is this drama, endlessly entertaining.

oppa invites you into this post

asianwiki, dramanice, SH gif, JJH gifs 1,2, 3

(mods, i changed the main picture link i really hope it's alright, thanks again!)
Tags: actor/actress, drama, joo ji hoon
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