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Stellar to Go Beyond Their Sexy Image in First Documentary

Girl group Stellar will be airing their very first documentary through MBC‘s “Human Documentary” and have a chance to show a bit of their real lives.

According to reports on July 30, the girl group is already filming their documentary now.

This will be Stellar’s first-ever documentary since their debut. The members will show every part of their lives from the moment they wake up to the moment they sleep, and they will also share their honest feelings that they haven’t been able to vent out to anyone else.

Until this documentary came about, they never had a chance to show their true selves. Broadcasts and music shows only showed their sexy image and concept. Through this documentary, Stellar will unveil how they are as real people. Each member’s family members will also show their faces and tell the audience what the members had to go through for all these years.

The first episode of their documentary will air on August 8.

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