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Chanyeol for '18 seconds' round-up

150728 real__pcy: 여러분~ 18초 홈페이지 에서 제가 올린 영상을 찾아보세요~~ Everyone~ please look for the video I uploaded on the 18 second homepage ~~

150730 real__pcy:  여러분 앞으로 무슨영상이 올라올지 궁금하시죠!? 유투브,페이스북,트위터,에브리샷 에서 #엑소목소리 검색하시면 영상을 보실수 있습니다!! #18초
Everyone, are you curious to see what kind of videos will be uploaded!? Search #EXOVoice on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and EveryShot and you’ll be able to watch the videos!! #18seconds

EXO member Chanyeol continues to show the power of his unwavering popularity. This time, the boy band member managed to crash an entire website with one Instagram post!

On July 28, Chanyeol shared a photo to his personal Instagram account with a caption reading, "Everyone, please look forward to a clip I uploaded onto the '18 Seconds' webpage," along with the link to the website. Not too long afterward, the "18 Seconds" webpage went down as Chanyeol's fans rushed to see the video clip as soon as possible.

"18 Seconds" is a new SBS program that features various different celebrities attempting to create 18-second clips. The show operates on the idea that mobile users only give an average of 18 seconds worth of undivided attention to a video clip. DongA describes the program as a high-tech entertainment that aims to take advantage of smart devices (like smartphones and tablets).

Meanwhile, the members of EXO have recently finished their promotions for Love Me Right and are currently continuing their "EXO'luXion" tour as well as pursuing individual activities.

The website is currently back up and running, so Chanyeol fans can once again sign up at watch the idol's 18 second contribution to the program.

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