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SM is not giving up: files Lawsuit Against Kris (Wu Yi Fan) for Contract Violation

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SM Entertainment has announced that it has filed a formal lawsuit against former EXO member Kris (Wu Yi Fan) for contract violation.

In 2014, Kris and Luhan each filed lawsuits in May and October, respectively, against SM Entertainment to cancel their exclusive contract with the company. In February of this year, SM Entertainment filed a lawsuit against Luhan for violating his contract with SM Entertainment with his Chinese activities since, as the company argued, Luhan was still technically tied to SM until the court officially rules on Luhan’s suit against SM. It had filed lawsuits not only against Luhan, but also the companies that used him for their endorsement model.

Now SM has filed a similar lawsuit against Kris, the companies that contracted him as their endorsement model, and the movie production companies that casted him for their projects. It argues that all of Kris’ professional activities in China are illegal and were obtained using the popularity he earned while he was with EXO. His action caused serious conflicts and financial damage to contracts that EXO was involved in Korea and elsewhere, SM argues, and they are demanding that he take responsibility.

SM Entertainment announced today, July 31 KST, that their lawsuits against Kris and others related were officially drawn up in Beijing courts yesterday, July 30.

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