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Anti makes up rumors about Sehun getting into a drunk driving accident

Pann: EXO Sehun drunk driving controversy

Some fan on Instagram basically started a slew of rumors claiming that Sehun was driving his girlfriend's car while intoxicated and crashed it. Further explanation in the comments:

1. [+385, -48] (Upvote this) That Instagram anti first started off by saying Sehun was drunk driving his girlfriend's car and caused an accident. In the first video she uploaded, you could only see three sober men. You could not see their faces or their voices. She then deleted it when people threatened to sue her.

Then another community site uploaded pictures of Sehun wearing similar clothes to the man in the video so the anti went and found two more pictures but he's wearing different clothes and shoes than in the first video she uploaded. Then she lied even more about saying something in her first post that she never even said. She deleted it again once people threatened to sue her.

Then she uploaded another video but it's of a grup of men looking sober. She claims Sehun's name was called in it but there's no evidence of that. Then she claims there was drunk driving, but the videos are cut and there's no evidence of that either.

Sehun's face or voice aren't heard in the videos. The clothes he's wearing are different than the ones worn in the videos. Therefore, there's no evidence of any of her claims.

2. [+286, -23] She claims that she only uploaded parts of it because she's a fan but in her videos, all you see is a man who looks like Sehun but it's too dark to even be able to tell if it's him. And the supposed accident is just a taxi standing by. If the man in the video is Sehun and the girl is his girlfriend, there's still no proof that he was drunk and caused an accident. It's basically all based off of her claims but she refuses to reveal any "full videos" so none of us can determine if she's telling the truth or not anyway.

3. [+272, -19] The girl on Instagram said the accident happened on July 11th in the early morning but an article claiming an idol got caught speeding was from June 4th. Idol A is not Sehun.

4. [+99, -10] Basically what happened with the rumors:
- She took a video of a man's back in the middle of a dark street and put it up on Instagram
- Claimed that the man is an EXO member and that he caused an accident
- Tagged it with #EXO #Sehun to get fan attention
- People start spreading it on community boards claiming it's EXO
- People who don't know the details conclude that the video = EXO's drunk driving scandal
- Rumor complete

5. [+43, -1] Sehun fans must've been so scared... Even if this isn't true, it's still heartbreaking for fans to have to go through these rumors. I'm used to them by now but I remember being so scared when tons of weird rumors came out their third year of debut... Sehun especially seems to be victim to so many rumors. Sehun fans may seem strong on the outside but it must be so tiring on the inside... SM really should give faster feedback and handle these matters quickly so that antis would stop. Find strength, EXO-L... I guess it's the cost of being popular.

6. [+24, -0] So easy to make up rumors... I could go take a picture of some random person and claim it's EXO too

7. [+22, -1] Why would anyone believe her? ㅋㅋㅋ Anyone who spread this rumor will be screencapped and threatened with lawsuits so be careful

8. [+21, -2] So she basically took a video of some random man in a dark place and claimed it's Sehun drunk driving?

Source: Pann, Netizen Buzz, EXO_Yehet_XOXO
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