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Netizens discuss male idols with the prettiest smiles(Because I don't want to go to bed)

Netizens rave over a list of male idols with the prettiest smiles.

Originally posted on Pann, netizens list and discuss male idols with the best smiles.
Titled “Male Idols With Pretty Smiles,” here is the direct translation of the post and comments below.
[Look here people]
BIGBANG – G-Dragon (<--Tool, big giant Tool)

[I couldn not decided]
"When he smiles, his eyes and lips are so pretty T_T”

BEAST – Lee Kikwang(Too bad he's a dick)

“I feel like I’m healed whenever I see him smile.. So pretty” (but still a dick tho)

BTOB – Lim Hyunsik aka Mr. Eyesmiles

“I didn’t know, but his eyes are really pretty when he smiles T_T_T_T”
“The shape of them I guess…. anyways his smile is pretty”

SHINee's Onew aka duh, he as a smile that can bring happiness to like....a tree...or something....I'm sleepy leave me alone

[This was just an excuse to post onew smiling when he had long hair. I regret nothing]

BTS – V (Good Lordt are most of his picture/gif whitewash, I could barely make him out and I HAVE GLASSES ON!!)

[More V here]

INFINITE – Nam Woohyun

[more Woowoo]

[Netizens speak...I think one of them is drunk]
[+193, -42] Nam Woohyun…. Look at his eyes when he smiles
[+163, -38] Nam Woohyun T_T_T_T_T
[+150, -84] Look at Lee Changsub smiling...(Op:Where tho?? Don't drink and type kids)

Source: koreaboo + Pann

Op: I know I just did one, but what the hell I'm too lazy to go to bed...doesn't make sense right? You bet your sweet butts it don't anyway, enjoy. Who are some of your favorite idols smiles omona?
Tags: btob, bts, g-dragon, highlight, infinite, list, shinee

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