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IU Finally Shows Up At Hyukoh Concert

Fans of the band couldn't believe it when they saw her on the crowd ... not even when she joined Oh Hyuk onstage to sing 'Gondry'

This was a common Hyukoh show, in Salon Jebi a very small indie bar in Hongdae

Rumors about some famous idol singing in the bar spread fast, everyone started crowding in when they found out IU was there

(Someone is forgetting the lyrics?? you two are so cute)

IU stayed to sing for a while:

[Netizens Comments]

[NAVER] IU, suprise guerilla concert with Hyukoh..even fans didn’t know

[+5464,-123] I’m asking because I’m curious…do the reporters get the consent from the people who took those pictures to use them in their articles??

[+4258, -182] Why don’t I have the same luck of seeing IU when I’m randomly passing by..

[+3703, -292] I used to think that IU was just an idol but after watching Infinity Challenge, I realized that she has the talent of a real artist

[+2707,118] I was really close by but I guess I don’t have that good luck

[+2588, -110] I can’t believe she really went really seems like IU genuinely loves music. It’s nice to see

[+412, 42] this is why I like IU. It really seems like she loves music so she really seems like an artist. Lately, there are a lot of people who just simply want to be a celebrity so they either become an idol or whatever and I really dislike those kinds of people. They throw around words like “artist” and “actor” to try to seem authentic. Any ways, IU is prettier the more I see her.

[+336,17] During IC, they asked her to come to their guerilla concert. She’s keeping her promise ^^

[+219,-17] I am suddenly reminded of 4 years ago, my girlfriend had prepared a suprise event and we went to see a live recording of Sketchbook. I went without thinking and saw IU for the first time. I loved it then and I kept smiling because of my girlfriend. Even though she is now no longer with me, IU is still here, smiling. So this is why hardcore fans are like that..I understand now

[NATE] -same article-

[+739, -74] IU seems like the type of person who only does things she enjoys

[+649, -54] Those people are so lucky ㅠㅠ That song they sang together on IC was no joke

[+612, -42] People went to the performance to see Hyukoh but then they also ended up getting to see IU..they’re so lucky

[+41,-10] She’s still so young but her thoughts are deep

[+39,-3] She guests a lot at concerts for singers that she’s close with. Even though she had spent all night filming, she still went to Sung Shikyung’s concert as a guest. Leon is really good. I’m looking forward to your new album. Give us many new good songs to listen to~

[+24,-7] Omg at the fact that such a famous female singer was at Hongdae singing with an indie singer. daebak~

in case you want to check out Hyukoh music, here's some clips from the same night:

Collaboration? dating? whatever!! I will take anything from you two

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