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August K-Indie Post!

CreamPasta - Pooooh

I have no idea what this song is about, but the video involves a person in a slightly creepy full-body Winnie the Pooh costume.

Yukari - Lass

This is the latest song from Yukari, who have an album coming soon. You can buy the song on their Bandcamp page for $1 (or anything more that you would like to pay.) They've got a lot more songs on their Soundcloud.

Rude Paper feat. Double K - Rasta Virus

If you're into reggae, you'll probably like Rasta Virus. It's a more laidback song than what I've heard from a lot of Korean reggae groups.

YoungstarMiny and Navy feat. Ra.ll - 잘먹고 잘살아 (Eat Well and Live Well)

This melodic, radio-friendly collab of young rappers from Virus Records was composed by YoungstarMini and features Ra.ll, who has her own mixtape, "RAstore," available on Soundcloud.

Peterpan Complex - Moist

Even though the title is kind of gross in English, this is a cute, fun song that reminds me a bit of Neon Bunny with its borderline-whispery female vocals and lots of electronic sounds. The vocalist, Yozo, is apparently one of the house musicians on Kim Jedong's talk show. You can buy the single on iTunes, which includes a version with a different vocalist and a remix version.

Source: Mirrorball Music, Yukari bandcamp, Yukari Soundcloud, CJENM Music , Virus Records, kt music, iTunes

What did you like this month, Omona?
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