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Miss A Fei gets lead role in Chinese Movie "Select Game" *OP IS ECSTATIC*

According to Fei Fanclub from China – ‏@FeiFanclub

@missA_fei will star in the movie "Select game"as the female lead alongside Aaron Yan. The movie is expected to be released in August next year !

[INFO] 選擇遊戲 (trans as: Select game) will be somethings like chinese version of Slumdog Millionaire. It's 1st reality show's movies in China, which male main lead will be Aaron Yan while female main lead will be our @missA_fei.

Type : Drama/Mystery
Director : Andy Kwong 邝庭和

Plot introduction :
One game, battle of wits and brain among two, ten finalist; player have to show of all their talent in the game. Battle of courage and the luck, union or alone, believe or betray will be presenting.
10000000 reward,A title of "King of Decision";Behind the games, a story of resentment in 20 years ,time to have conclusion on today.

Film aspect :
China version of , Mainland first battle of wits reality show's movies, which is more interesting than others variety show program.
Starring of 5 charming man who have both wisdom and outlook. <select ... > higher competition of skill, abnormal battle of wist, put aside in acting cool, war of both intelligent and courage is real; 5 original game, 5 ultimate experience、battle of wist、wrestling、fight for luck、full of mystery、brainstorming、relax and funny、nervous and exciting...

Don't be the next xx囧,just be the only movies of ultimate battle in years 2016 - Select Game
Select games, it's your time to challenge!

Sept 2015 --- Product launching
Oct 2015 --- Lottery launching
Estimate Nov 2015 --- Promotion of movies
Estimate Aug 2016 --- Movies on cinema
Estimate Oct 2016 --- Box-office dividend

For more chinese information :
Trans : A_Feifacts

Yaaaaaasssss, I'm so HAPPY for King! After Jia getting a lead role in another chinese production and Suzy with her new drama and movie, now it's time for Fei to shine even more! Next, let's see if Min will get out of the dungeon too. *cross fingers*

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Source: @a_Feifacts
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