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4Minute’s Jihyun Discusses Decision to Donate Cube Festival Earnings to Victims of Tianjin Explosion

4Minute‘s Jihyun recently shared her thoughts on the group’s commercial success in the Chinese market with their latest hit “Crazy” and commented on the news about a tragic series of explosions in Tianjin, China last month.

Along with a number of other Cube Entertainment representatives, Jihyun sat down for a press conference on September 1 ahead of the “Cube Festival” concert set to be held in Shanghai, China on September 30. The show is gearing up to be a true treat for local K-pop fans as BEAST, 4Minute, G.NA, BTOB and CLC have all been confirmed to perform at the concert.

“I heard that ‘Crazy’ performed well on the Chinese charts and many people liked the song. They seem to be enjoy our ‘Tough Unni’ concept,” she said, referring to the bold and edgy sound of ‘Crazy,’ and added, “I feel good about [our success] and would like to continue promoting in China in the future.”

Two weeks ago, the world was shaken by news about the devastating Tianjin explosions that killed hundreds of people and left even more injured in the Chinese port city. In light of the recent events, the Cube family has decided to donate a chunk of the concert earnings towards helping victims of the tragic accident.

Jihyun shared, “It is for a good cause and we can all come together to perform at the concert, so we decided to raise money [for the victims].”

Representing the concert organizer, Yeom Gyu Suk from Butterfly Media went on to explain, “The Tianjin explosions occurred while we were preparing for the concert. The artists explained their desire to donate some of their earnings to charity. Naturally, we are all for helping them deliver assistance to the victims.”

Source: naver, soompi, joins
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