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Princess Eunji offered role in new KBS drama

Girl group A Pink‘s Jung Eunji might make her return as an actress through KBS2TV’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama “Cheer Up!”

According to KBS, the idol has received a casting offer for the female lead role. The two parties are currently engaged in negotiations over the matter, but her casting has not been confirmed as of yet. The producers hope to soon announce the finalized cast and start filming to have the drama ready for its scheduled late-September or October premiere.

“Cheer Up!” revolves around love, friendship, and other themes close to any teenager’s heart. Jung Eunji has reportedly been offered the role of Kang Yeon Du, a bright and popular student.

The drama will take over the time slot of “The Virtual Bride” as the latter finishes its run within the next month.

source: soompi, nate

Highly conflcted because on the one hand, Lee Hyun Woo and a chance to play a different kind of character!!! :))  and on the other hand KBS + Trot Lovers PD + cheerleading drama :(((((((  I wish she would do another TvN drama. Since she has so many solo activities, an we please have an Eunji tag??
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