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Ryeowook tears up on Sukira

Ryeowook confirmed that he will be moving out of Super Junior dorms in September, before the enlistment of fellow bandmates Eunhyuk, Donghae and Siwon (EunHae both previously lived in the dorms as well) This will be the first time Ryeowook has ever been living away from the SJ dorm. He'll be living with his parents to spend more time with them before his own enlistment.

Ryeowook: It’s been 10 years (in the dorm). I’m used to the craziness, and member’s strange habits, and taking care of them.Every time I hear members talking about the stories that happen in the dorm, I feel thankful that we’re all so close.Fearing loneliness, fearing being without them, fearing being a burden so I urge myself to be independent..

:( Awwh wook dont cry! Bless him everything has been changing pretty quickly! He mentions the next day on Sukira that he went home and told Donghae he cried on broadcast to which Hae asked him why and that he shouldnt be sad, it's Donghae who should be sad, and proceeded to cook ramen for Wook. I LIVE FOR HAEWOOK MOMENTS THEYRE SO SWEET TO EACH OTHER
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Sources: ELF Thoughts(1, 2, 3)
Video: credit: moonrhyme
GIF by ryeomashita
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