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Happy Birthday Joy!

Hello, everyone! This is Joy
What’s today~?? It’s my birthday ><

Though all of you are busy, you cared enough to congratulate me and give me caring messages. It really gave me energy! I also read all your adorable letters~ Despite the exhaustion, I’ll practice even harder to be my best on stage so I can repay all your love!! I’m a bit worried and nervous to meet you guys with a new concept… Please treat us well lol

There were good times and bad times while the 19-year-old maknae turned into an adult. But I was able to overcome all obstacles with your caring support.
I’m forever grateful. I’m really not that special but you guys make it possible for me to sing on stage.I’ll make sure to cherish this feeling and keep it with me at all times.Thank you so so much ㅎㅎ

Oh by the way!! We are preparing for the comeback with all our might so please make sure to stay curious!
If not… I’ll get sulky

Source: rv.smtown, trans by joseph @ fyeah-redvelvet | fyrv

Kind of a late post, but it's never too late to give queen Joy some love!
Tags: birthday, red velvet

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