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The Virtual Bride Ep. 5-6 Discussion Post

"Old Boy lived in captivity for 15 years and so did Rapunzel for 18 years in a castle.
Yet, the most frightening castle is Mother's Castle.

One day, some women try to invade this impregnable castle.
They are daughter-in-laws!

Will these brave daughter-in-laws survive in the mother’s castle defeating this formidable enemy, mother-in-law?" - KBS World

[Dasom Sings You are Mine for Virtual Bride OST]

[Synopsis and Stats]
In order to boost her flagging popularity, former idol group singer Oh In-young (Kim Dasom) agrees to appear in a television reality show that pairs up fake mothers- and daughters-in-law. In-young's partner is Yang Choon-ja (Go Doo-shim), the matriarch of a long-standing traditional clan, and they end up hating each other on the show. But as fate would have it, the two later end up becoming mother and daughter-in-law for real.

Other Titles: The Eccentric Daughter-in-law, Taming Mother-in-law
Airdate: August 17th, 2015 - September 22nd, 2015
Runtime: Monday&Tuesday 21:55 (KST)
Episodes: 12

[Cast and Characters]

[Main Cast]

Oh In-Young (Dasom)
- leader and mascot of has-been girl group, Ruby. Oh In-Young grew up without parents and is dependent on her company and manager to take care of her. After a backstage scuffle with a rival girl group, In-Young's president threatens to kick her out of the company unless she repairs her image and starts bringing in money. She's a bit ignorant but has a positive and persistent attitude that charms (most) of the people she meets.

Yang Chun-Ja (Ko Du-Shim)
- matriarch of the Cha family. She runs a kimchi making business out of her kitchen and stresses on the importance of traditional values. She opposes flashy clothes and accessories, out-of-home working mothers, and dissent. She's currently attempting to marry off her first son and thinks this new variety show is cheapening her son's image.

Cha Myeong-Seok (Ryu Soo-Young)
- eldest son of the Cha family. A super smart professor of math at a local university. Myeong-Seok has a seemingly neurotic personality and analyzes life through a mathematical lens. He's also a filial son who has been supporting his mother from a young age. Currently, Myeong-Seok is looking to get a promotion from assistant to full time professor at his job.

[Supporting Cast]
organized by living situation
Cha Family

Cha Dong-Seok (Kwak Hee-Sung)
- Chun-Ja's second son, Myeong-Seok's younger brother. He has a lot of big ideas but none of the drive to implement them. He's dependent on his mother for money as he's been out of a job for a while. Dong-Seok is the driving force in convincing his mother and brother to continue on with "Experience of Daughter-in-Law From The Eldest Son's Family" because he believes that it will give his family fame--which will give them more money to spend on him.

Kim Se-Mi (Kim Yun-Seo)
- Cha Dong-Seok's wife. Se-Mi is constantly at odds with her mother-in-law, Chun-Ja. She had been dating Dong-Seok for a while but after unexpectedly getting pregnant, the two married and moved into Dong-Seok's mother's house. After a few years of being a stay-at-home mother (and against the wishes of her mother-in-law and her husband) she decides to go back to work as an elementary school teacher. Se-Mi is a hard worker but gets stressed out trying to balance a full time job, motherhood and Chun-Ja's power-plays.

Lee Ha-Ji (Baek Ok-Dam)
- Ha-Ji has an ambiguous relationship to the Cha family, but she is Chun-Ja's right hand woman when it comes to their kimchi business. She also seems to have a crush on Myeong-Seok and is jealous of In-Young.

Cha Joo-Bok (Park Woong)
- Joo-Bok is Chun-Ja's father-in-law (Myeong-Seok and Dong Seok's grandfather). He's a widower who is trying to keep a new relationship with a family friend under wraps.

Cha Il-Goo (Kim Seong-Hwan)
- Chun-Ja's husband (Joo-Bok's son, Myeong-Seok and Dong Seok's father) is a retired man who spends most of his days and nights out partying with friends. He happens to be a big fan of In-Young and Ruby and feels like the family has hit the jackpot with her as their daughter-in-law.

Kang Family

Kang Joon-Soo (Ki Tae-Young)
- President of In-Young's company, married to Chun-Ja's only daughter. Joon-Soo is trying to keep his entertainment label from falling apart. When In-Young's scandal hits the internet, he pulls a favor from his in-law's and casts In-Young on "Experience of Daughter-in-Law From The Eldest Son's Family." Joon-Soo is also a momma's boy who goes to extremes to please and dote on his mother.

Cha Young-A (Son Eun-Seo)
- Chun-Ja and Il-Goo's only daughter, married to Kang Joon-Soo. Young-A works under her mother-in-law on the town's committee board. She is constantly bending over backwards to appeal to her mother-in-law in work and at home. Young-A is also being chastised by her mother-in-law because she hasn't conceived but can hardly get one moment alone with Joon-Soo before he leaves to spend time with his mother.

Jang Mi-Hee (Kim Bo-Yeon)
- Young-A's mother-in-law. Mi-Hee is the narcissistic team leader of town's committee board. She's really close to her son, Joon-Soo, and wishes to occupy all of his time. She's also quite manipulative and jealous of anyone who receives praise and often tries to use her personal connections to bribe her co-workers.

Additional Characters

Choi Soon-Hee (Lee Moon-Hee)
- a friend of the Cha family who regularly purchases kimchi and sauces for her restaurant. Soon-Hee is having a secret affair with Joo-Bok but wishes to make it public.

Oh Sang-Shik (Lee Yong-Joo)
- In-Young's manager who, after In-Young is cast on "Experience of Daughter-in-Law From The Eldest Son's Family," becomes Mi-Hee's personal chauffeur. As her manager, Sang-Shik is rooting for In-Young and hopes that she regains popularity.

Where to Watch
dramafever / myasiantv / viki

cr; Kpop Stream-KDrama OST, tagline from KBS World, synopsis from wikipedia, profile pictures from, profile descriptions by me

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[spoiler commentary]
I haven't watched episode 6 yet, so this is just me reacting to episode 5 and omg. The most ridic thing was Joon Soo's mom as usual. "Son, you're going to take your wife's side?!" I hated that line. Of course, my girl YoungA came with the fire at the end! I was like, YAASSS! Although the preview for episode 6 looks like she'll be back to apologizing x.x

ChunJa's tsundere relationship with In Young is just getting cuter. I mean ChunJa still makes me mad at the way she treats SeMi but her subconscious caring for In Young is getting stronger~~~ Plus giving the oxtail guy free kimchi for life (basically)? ;_;

Speaking of SeMi her and DongSuk need to get a joint Google Calendar, a PalmPilot, an appointment book, I don't know something. They need something! I feel so bad for SeMi, it has to be so hard.

And DongSuk has got to go. At first I was like, aw he's so bumbling and lazy but he means well and he thinks big. But every episode is something. I keep thinking that this show wouldn't be bad if it ended with two divorces.

In Young and Myeong Seok were the 2nd cutest thing about this episode. Myeong Seok already likes In Young a lot. I still think the way that he kinda looks at her from a distance seems forced but their scenes together otherwise are so good.

Joo Bok and Soon Hee. !!! When Lyn came in with You are my Destiny, I was like what? It was so funny and Joo Bok doing that cliche *grabs wrist* "You're my woman, just trust me." OMG, that was so cute. It's gonna be so funny watching ChunJa have to lower herself for a woman she used to berate on the daily.

this drama is so good, omg. I'm so happy Dasom is getting praise for it! plus her OST is a bop~!
Tags: !spoiler warning!, drama, kbs, sistar

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