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Cosmetic Procedures for Employment Chances


Article: "Change the luck of your employment" plastic surgery for the lines of your hands now... 'sad reality'

People who believe in palm readers and that the lines on the palm of your hands determine certain things about your life (wealth, love, happiness) are getting plastic surgery to change the lines in hopes of getting better opportunities for employment.

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screenshot-news.nate.com 2015-09-01 12-43-48
Other procedures to give a better impression at job interviews include surgery to lift the corners of your lips to make it look like you're smiling if you suffer from resting b*tch face syndrome and a procedure that paralyzes certain muscles of your vocal folds to prevent your voice from shaking if you get nervous easily at job interviews.
The procedure costs about ~$3,000 USD.
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[Netizen Comments]
1. [+205, -15] Instead of hating on them for deciding to do these things, I think we should be more understanding of our societal circumstances that led them to this point..
2. [+148, -12] I think people should be more understanding of how dire the situations are for these people to have to resort to things like palm line surgery for hopes of employment. Anyone who's actually gone through the struggles of finding employment wouldn't be able to criticize them. They're obviously grasping for any hope they can find here. If anything, this is harder on them than any of us.
3. [+119, -5] So frustrating... don't know whether to hate on them for being crazy enough to do this or hate on the society for making it so hard to find a job...
4. [+15, -3] The $3,000 they spent on the procedure would be better spent buying presents and eating good food for the sake of their mental health..
5. [+12, -8] And this is why they're unemployed
6. [+10, -4] We're still so barbaric...
7. [+8, -3] What did these kids do to deserve this? Hate the government, not on them
8. [+6, -1] This is why Koreans are so religious and easy to fool. We have one of the highest scam rates in the world. Koreans will believe everything. Just look at this... tell someone you'll have better luck of employment if you get this surgery and they believe you and do it. Idiots;;
9. [+5, -1] Like the best replies say, just how desperate are they that they're looking for hope anywhere they can find ㅜㅜ Good luck to everyone.. I'm sure there will come a night that you can sleep comfortably. Fighting!!
10. [+5, -0] This just reflects how difficult finding employment is in reality. All of the junior and high school kids who are so used to watching dramas think it's easy to become rich and find a job and meet a rich man who drives a foreign car but that's not reality tsk tsk


1. [+5,169, -134] This country is insane
2. [+3,226, -85] Honestly, your face is a part of your resume now too. People would rather pick someone with a favorable impression.
3. [+2,938, -160] Changing your palm lines is a bit much... I get getting procedures for your face but your palms?!
4. [+1,880, -87] Finding employment requires a certain amount of luck but I don't think unnecessary cosmetic procedures would help that
5. [+1,517, -148] I can see why companies don't want to hire people like this
6. [+286, -15] Just how desperate are they that they have to resort to this..?
7. [+276, -8] My palm readings say that I'd be a chaebol but I'm unemployed
8. [+216, -12] Makes me think that Korean society is much too difficult to live for our 20s-30s generation...

Source: JTBC via Naver, Naver, Netizenbuzz, Nate
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