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Happy Birthday, Mark Tuan!

Thought I'd make a compilation post of all the social media things for Mark's birthday (September 4).

Let's start with Papa Tuan and the Return of Little Cock:

[birthday messages from GOT7 and 2PM]


Happy Birthday to ma man MT❤️🌹🎉 @mark_tuan love ya


우리 마크 형님이 생일이네용 ㅋㅋ 그리고 !!!! 2PM형들 !!! 7 주년 !!! 축하해용 !!! mark 寶寶生日🎂哈哈 還有 2PM 7 週年!Mark birthday! Lol #jacksonwang #mark #birthday #got7 #igot7 #jyp #23한국나이 #markiepoo #생일 #대박 #고기 #고기먹자 #배고파 #유겸이산데 #유겸사랑해

Our Mark hyung-nim's birthday kk And !!!! 2PM hyungs !!! 7 years !!! Congratulations !!! mark baby's birthday and 2PM 7 year anniversary! Mark birthday! Lol #jacksonwang #mark #birthday #got7 #igot7 #jyp #23koreanage #markiepoo #birthday #daebak #meat #wanttoeatmeat #hungry #yugyeomsaidhe'sbuying #loveyouyugyeom (OP note: According to fanaccounts GOTPM went to a bbq restaurant and left around 2:30 am. Mark and Junior were drunk. And Taecyeon ended up buying lol)


Mark hyung. Happy birthday to you. Our Mark hyung's birthday. GOT7's big brother. Thank you very much for being born ^^ (OP note: He spelled out ddaeng-kyu-beri-meo-ch aosidfodhf SO CUTE)

Thanks, Jinyoung-ah! Love you!


The time of 7 years has run by^^ Been through hell and high waterㅋㅋ Sincerely thank you everyone who were in this together, our fans, our JYP staff, our members.
Let’s have even more meaningful time from now on!!!

And happy birthday to Mark!!

kkk thank you hyung ^^

Jun K:

Happy birthday to cutie Mark #MarksBirthday

thank you hyung! kkk congratulations to you too!! ^^

[some videos from the V app]

(JB... hungover much?)

Sources: linbea945, bae tuan, bambam1a, jacksonwang852g7, jrjyp, 0430yes, jun2dakay, mtuan93, GOT7FanCafeCHN (trans), 2pmalways (trans), helloflora, bambi
Tags: 2pm, got7, jyp entertainment, social media/youtube

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