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Maxim Korea Apologizes for Controversial Photo Shoot, Recalls September Issue


Men’s magazine Maxim Korea has been under fire for the past couple of weeks after it revealed its September issue that featured actor Kim Byung Ok in a photo shoot centered on crime. Specifically, its back cover image portrayed the actor smoking next to a car that has its trunk open and a woman’s tied up legs falling out of it.

With the photo, Maxim Korea also included the caption: “So girls like the ‘bad guy’ type? Here’s a true bad guy. It’s to die for, isn’t it?”

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Korean netizens first voiced anger over the September issue, saying it glorified violence against women. Maxim Korea tried to explain that it was only aiming to express crime in a stylized way, not beautify sexual assault.

Despite the magazine’s explanation, the controversy continued and the international community took notice as well, with Cosmopolitan UK and Maxim U.S., condemning Maxim Korea’s September issue. Additionally, a petition through has collected over 10,000 signatures in support of recall and a cease of circulation of the the issue.

In response to the growing criticism, Maxim Korea has issued an apology through an official statement, today, September 4, and has promised to recall the September issue. In the statement, Maxim Korea reaffirmed that it wasn’t the magazine’s intent to beautify violence, but it takes full responsibility for the inappropriate photo and caption. It also stated the revenue already generated from the sale of the September issue will be donated to women’s rights groups and used to help prevent sexual violence.

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Article: Maxim reps, "We apologize for the crime pictorial controversy... we will be scrapping all copies"

Source: X Sports News via Nate

1. [+450, -17] They should've apologized sooner. Why is it that when Koreans brought it up as an issue, they treated it like it was no big deal but as soon as an international media picked it up, they go "aigoo, so we DID make a mistake!"

2. [+396, -17] They're trash. Ignored Koreans when we called it controversial but as soon as international people start saying the same, they surrender immediately.

3. [+44, -0] The apology is very late but stil expected. How could they depict a bad guy like that? The bigger problem is that there were a lot of people who didn't see what the problem was with the picture. Only once did the picture get controversial overseas did they all realize it was wrong and go hide ㅋ


Source: Naver

1. [+302, -25] I like how Maxim ignored all the women who said the cover was disturbing and only now apologize once it gets attention overseas.. ^^

2. [+249, -25] Such an embarrassment to the country..

3. [+222, -23] Embarrassing to the country...

4. [+191, -21] You'd have to be insane to think that's okay..

5. [+165, -19] I wonder if the person who came up with this idea has a daughter of his own?

6. [+111, -8] So stupid how Maxim ignored everyone when Koreans called it out but scrap all the copies only after foreigners get involved

source: soompi & netizenbuzz nate naver
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