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overdue recap of Secret Weapon eps 8-10 for the 2 ppl who care~

Secret Weapon Ep8/9/10 highlights
10 girl group members compete in weekly missions based on a celeb role model, judged by a panel of 10 'holic' fans.
The winner of each episode gets to be filmed by professional fancammers.
The overall winner of the show will appear on Weekly Idol with her group.
@mbcgirl2015 | @ScrtWeaponUpdt

[CAST]Clockwise from top left:
Sihyun (Spica)
Dahye (BESTie)
Solbin (Laboum)
Yerin (GFriend)
Minhee (Stellar)
Daye replaced by Taeha (Berry Good)
Alice (Hello Venus)
Jei replaced by Cao Lu (Fiestar)
Jisoo (TAHITI)
Daeun (2Eyes)

Episode 8, 9 & 10's role model: Hyeri

Aegyo, meokbang, family, popularity amongst the military

fantakens from the filming: The Studio

[Round 1: Aegyo]Episode 8

ROUND 1a: Aegyo wake-up call video

They filmed individual "aegyo wake-up call" videos and MBC employees voted for their favourite.

MBC Every1 didn't upload the clips to YouTube (guess they want the Naver views) but here's a video of them menboonging over the mission lol:

ROUND 1b: Aegyo phonecall mission

They called their male friends in the industry and had 3 minutes to make them respond with "Why are you so cute?" or something similar.

Jisoo called BTOB's Ilhoon, Dahye called Noel's Kang Kyunsung, Daeun called SNL Korea's Kim Mingyu, Solbin called UKISS's Soohyun, and the others were edited out (+ Sihyun didn't take part because she has no male entertainer friends lol rip).

Round 1 ranking:
1. Dahye (a: 25 votes / b: success, +5 points)
2. Jisoo (11 / +7)
3. Daeun (15 / +5)
4. Cao Lu (9 / +5)
5. Minhee (8 / +5)
6. Sihyun (20 / 0)
7. Alice (5 / +5)
8. Taeha (1 / +5)
9. Solbin (6 / -5)
10. Yerin (did not film this episode)

[Round 2: Meokbang]ROUND 2: Meokbang

MEOKBANG! They randomly selected dishes (1v1) and had 5 minutes to eat. The judges would then vote on who made their dish look more delicious.

Dahye: jokbal (pig's trotters) - 28 votes
Minhee: jjajangmyeon - 17 votes


Cao Lu: samgyeopsal - 30 votes
Jisoo: fried chicken - 13 votes

argh so yummy

Episode 9

Solbin: white rice and kimchi - 13 votes
Daeun: lemons - 30 votes

Daeun has worked extremely hard on this show and this was another instance where she went all out.. she squeezed the juice into her mouth and even ate it with kimchi omg. watch it for yourself:

Sihyun: jjamppong (spicy seafood soup) - 30 votes
Alice: raw octopus - 8 votes

Taeha: chicken feet - 19 votes
Jang Suwon (replacing Yerin): bibimbap - 21 votes

Round 2 ranking:
1. Sihyun, Cao Lu, Daeun (30 votes)
4. Dahye (27)
5. Taeha (19)
6. Minhee (17)
7. Solbin, Jisoo (13)
9. Alice (8)
10. Yerin (did not film this episode)

[Round 3: We are family, family family]ROUND 3: We are family, family family

They filmed 3-minute videos with their family member(s) and the judges gave votes to the ones that exuded the most familial warmth. THERE WERE SO... MANY.... TEARS...... ;~; Solbin all-out sobbed, poor baby.. and Cao Lu's parents are in China so she went around Seoul with cardboard cutouts of them ;A; (ft. small cameo from Zhoumi and Jia). the entire cast, MCs and panel were crying.. SO. MANY. TEARS. Daeun recorded a song for her mom, really sweet :')

for some reason they didn't reveal the ranking for this round but Cao Lu had 28 votes and was deservedly #1 ;-;





[Round 4: Dance-off]ROUND 4: Dance-off

Episode 10

They performed iconic stages (in teams) for a special audience of 20 soldiers and the team that received the loudest cheers (measured in decibels) won.

Daeun, Taeha & Solbin - Orange Caramel's Catallena

258db! (Solbin focus)

Jisoo & Minhee - Girl's Day's Expectation (ft. Ari and Hyoeun)

257db! (Minhee focus, Jisoo focus)

Dahye & Alice - Park Jiyoon's Adult Ceremony

254db! (Dahye focus, Alice focus)

Sihyun & Cao Lu - Uhm Junghwa's Invitation

251db! (Cao Lu focus)

The remainder of the episode was a cast dinner and the cast were given gifts by the MBC every1 producers. Previously-eliminated Jei and Daye made a surprise appearance as their servers! :D

[THE WINNER + cast hanging out]EP8/9/10 FINAL RANKING
1. Daeun!
2. Dahye
3. Cao Lu
4. Jisoo
5. Minhee
6. Sihyun
7. Taeha, Solbin
9. Alice
10. Yerin (did not film this episode)

Daeun (2EYES) - Shooting Star

Minhee, Jisoo, Sihyun and Jei :D (I think of them as the Secret Weapon Mean Girls clique lol)

click here if photo doesn't load

A photo posted by 박시현 (@sh861129) on

click here if photo doesn't load

A photo posted by 박시현 (@sh861129) on

raw eps: 8a 8b | 9 | 10 chisub eps: 8a 8b | 9 | 10 (cr: Starry Five Spica Fansite)
cuts: MBC Every1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 fancams: 남상미, Spinel, smile -wA-
fantakens: The Studio instagram: @sh861129 1 2

this post is so late...the show ended yesterday lol (ep12). these three eps were hilarious, fun and touching (and the final two were great too) it's come a long way from the first few shitty eps. I miss the cast already :(
Tags: bestie, fiestar, hello venus, keembo/spica, laboum, mbc, stellar

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thank you <3 did anymore eps get subbed in english? i know the 1st 2 did but i havent really followed up D:

also, did they like only allow in 3 fansites for the whole of the show?