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[Image Heavy] Secret Masterpost!

Jieun's Trailer for Immutable Law of First Love

[Hyosung for Top Star News]

[Jieun Celebrates 5th Anniversary of her Solo!]

[Hyosung for Cosmopolitan]

[Jieun in Serial Shopping Family]
Episode 1
Episode 2

[Sunhwa in JIHFF with Siwon]

From her Insta

[Hyosung in Ghost-Seeing Detective Season 2]
There is a huge amount of stuff for Hyosung's involvement with CheoYoung here, but here are some highlights:

(Making Of--Part 2)

(Cast Members Speak About Eerie Experiences On Set)

(Making Of Trailer --1)

[V App Shenanigans with Hyosung and Jieun (and Eric Nam)]

[Jieun in 100 People, 100 Songs]

[Hyosung to Participate in Special Chuseok Stage]

On August 26, broadcasting station MBC revealed, “MBC plans on holding “Duet Music Festival8+” which will feature eight girl group members having duets with non-celebrities as a Chuseok special.”

The special duet music festival will pair up each of the eight girl group members with non-celebrities and have them perform duets on stage.

SISTAR’s Soyu, A Pink’s Namjoo, AOA’s Choa, Secret’s Hyosung, miss A’s Min, 4Minute’s Gayoon, After School’s Lizzy, and MAMAMOO’s Wheein have been confirmed as the eight girl group members.

Producers from the show will be accepting duet partners through the “Touch MBC” smartphone app from now until September 6. The duet music festival will air during the Chuseok holiday in late September.

Are you looking forward to the special duets?

[Jieun in 'Get It Beauty']

[Hana Hints at a Recording?]
She posted this on her Instagram about a week ago, and while it does appear to be a karaoke room, her page got lots of comments about a comeback on the way? I think they're wishing too hard but you know, one can dream....

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