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haha mistakes shinee's fans for his own at the airport. ┐(´-`)┌

On the September 5 episode MBC “Infinity Challenge,” Haha was thoroughly embarrassed as he mistakenly thought that SHINee’s fans were his fans.

Haha made his way to the airport in order to head for Otaru, Japan for the next part of the show’s delivery series. When he arrived at the airport, Haha was met with bunch of fans with cameras clustered around the entrance of the airport.

He asked, “Whose fans are you?” The girls immediately answered, “SHINee!” The fans’ immediate response disappointed Haha for he had mistakenly thought that the fans were waiting for him.

When SHINee’s van finally arrived, Haha joined the girls and yelled “Minho! It’s me!” Causing laughter from the fan girls.

haha went abroad today because of "infinity challenge". we coincidentally met and he asked who we were waiting for. we replied, "shinee", so he then looked around together with us. he even shouted, "taemin-ah, onew-ah~, minho-ah~, key~, jonghyun-ah~." on the esclator, taemin noticed haha. he was surprised and asked, "hyung! why are you here?"

jonghyun was so surprised to see haha hyung who came to record the “infinity challenge” delivery. ㅋㅋㅋ haha hyung called out for taemin from below with such yearning that taemin and jinki looked back and said “hello” to him too. ㅋㅋ (he also called out to jonghyun, of course.)

source(s): banzzakx2 / soompi / nate / squishyjinki (i, ii) / sullaem / janixx / i'm sorry
Tags: running man / running man cast, shinee, tv shows

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