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LOVELYZ Seo JiSoo's first interview since lesbian rumour scandal + Netizens react.

Talks about lot of troubles. Few days before debut day, she walked down to the police instead going on the stage, on trainee days with the members she sang with a bright smile, but now she had to be in practice room alone while fought back her tears. There was light for her who lived in anxiety every day because all of her hard work could turn into nothing. Now, the dream stage finally just around the corner. Lovelyz’s back to their name with Seo Jisoo as the main character of the story.

Seo Jisoo who get caught up in a “homosexuality and sexual harassment” rumour has walked out. It was critical to girl group member who has to appeal to teen agers especially with pure concept. Seo Jisoo become centre public’s attention when no one hear her actual story. And her absence was fill with “unconfirmed” rumours.

‘The main character of problem’ has return. On 4th, lovelyz’s Seo Jisoo’s comeback teaser was revealed and comeback as a whole 8. In the middle of this month lovelyz will comeback and planning to find fans with the new album. After her debut was hold back, Seo Jisoo is once again stand on the starting point. She is now tying her shoelace and putting strength in her knees.

Spent 1 eventful year, now a whole lovelyz’s stage is just around the corner, Seo Jisoo had a quick meeting with Herald POP. Carefully Seo Jisoo showed up with very complicated expression. The activities is just around the corner, the various emotion such as feeling excitement and joy as well as fear and sorry towards members keep come and go. And Seo Jisoo moved into tears. Drop by drop tears roll down her face, it’s difficult to her feeling and confidence, but after she pour it out she seems relieved and shows a mixed smile.

Seo Jisoo (SJS) and Lovelyz will revealed their story to Herald POP.

Q: How’s your feeling after experiencing difficult time
SJS: It would be a lie if I said it wasn’t hard. But the members are having more difficult time more than I did. Even though we prepared together before the showcase day, I wasn’t able to debut because a bad experience. It was happened so sudden, the members went through harder time than I did. They need to change all the part right away. I felt really sorry because of that. We know everyone is working hard, yet it was more difficult and harder for the members, I felt really bad.

Q: Even after the incident happened, it’s known that Seo Jisoo and the members still living together.
Babysoul: Even now at practice room, Jisoo still the brightest friend. Originally, she was a child that full of energy and always smile, but after that happened she worried a lot of things. Again, even the time has passed but the wound probably will still be there. Yet, she tried to not to show the flaw, I’m proud of her. Rather, when we were tired, she will talked to us brightly and she put her heart in lovelyz. I’m thankful to Jisoo because of that.

Q: Put bright image for the members.
SJS: Because we’re always together, there’s no need to talk to see if we’re all having it difficult. Me of course, because the other members are exhausted and tired from their busy schedules theres no measurement of how ‘tired’ we are. Especially when the members having difficult time, that I haven’t experienced. As everyone’s going through a hard time, revealing it will make the situation even more worse for me or for lovelyz. That’s why I always bright when I see the members as well as cheering for them .

Q: Knowledge fans encouragement
SJS: Many people have sent some cheering words for me. I received lots of letter as well. Honestly, I was felt bad thinking was it okay for me to receive so much love like this. I haven’t been able to show people anything. I think fans and singer get closer as they give and received things from each other’s. But, I still have nothing to give out and I feel sorry for that. Someday, I will give back everything that I have received.

Q: Decision to join, is there any harmony problem with other members?
SJS: Lovelyz has released 2 albums and stands in front of you guys. In that time we wasn’t be stand together and I think I’m a bit left behind . However, it’s time to put more efforts. I have learned to give people my bright side and I will do my best so I can show you the better look of myself.

Q: Please tell us more your feeling about this whole lovelyz activities.
JIN: When Jisoo unnie activities was suspended, I filled her space. When I stepped on the stage for the first time I felt empty, but now the empty space is now filled. I’m so relieved that “real lovelyz” will show you the 8 colour we have. Please make sure that you expect the “Whole Lovelyz”.
Babysoul: I think this is the first time I wanted to have activities so quickly. And be anticipate. I hope you enjoy watching us.
KEI: We have prepared a really pleasant comeback. Now we want to show you what we have. I think activities as 8 people is more fun. Lovelyz name is means to spread the loveliness, lovelyz also want to receive love from everyone.
Mijoo: Lot of people have been waiting for “whole lovelyz”. Jisoo and I have the same age. I feel like my friend is transferred to another school, but now I feel glad that we are preparing for our comeback together. We will show you our “Friend Chemistry” properly, so please show us lots of love.
Sujeong: There are many thing we have prepared since we were trainee for lovelyz debut. Of course acapella cover song, there are also variety charms that yet we haven’t been showed properly. Now, lovelyz would like to show it properly.
Yein: Actually I’m the last one who joined Lovelyz. At the time it was unfortunate that I couldn’t show everyone the side I had. Its about time that I do and thinking of it makes me excited. It seems as though we’ve gone back to the beginning.
JIN: “Real Lovelyz members have their own charms. There are various vocal colours and also difference dance colours. We want to quickly show you the more natural stage than the 7 people stage.
Yoo Jiae: The originally 8 people stage were showed in 7 people stage, fans also sad that it need to be happened. Finally “Complete Lovelyz” is return. I want Lovelyz to have a really cool decorated stage.

Source: Naver

1. [+7,073, -901] So were they really just rumors??? I'm just curious because there was so much detailed evidence... what's the truth???

2. [+5,284, -672] But what kind of life has she lived thus far that there's not one person in the comments who will stand up and defend her ㅠㅠ

3. [+3,843, -784] I know that getting your name out there is important but this is some dirty noise marketing

4. [+3,426, -668] Get popular off of noise marketing, ruin yourself with it too..

5. [+2,892, -1,150] Every all female high schools has a famous lesbian couple and many students these days even read same sex novels so that's a non-issue here... but it is wrong to accuse her of being a lesbian if she isn't

6. [+994, -144] But it's hard for me to pass on the fact that there was so much evidence when she was a trainee before she even got famous... it's just that once the scandal exploded, other rumors sprouted from it that distracted from the original facts..

7. [+789, -105] These articles keep focusing on the fact that the rumors were about her being a lesbian but that's a non-issue... what we want to know was whether the rumors about her sexually harassing others was fact or just rumors..

8. [+764, -121] There's something unsettling about the fact that she doesn't outright deny everything

9. [+874, -248] I like the 7 members without Seo Jisoo just fine. The others have no scandals and are all nice and pretty.

10. [+708, -116] The article said she 'opened up' so I thought she'd touch on the subject of the rumors from her point of view but she didn't... she's not pretty, she's some no name trainee.. so what is the agency thinking by keeping her in the group? The rumors are just too strong to brush off

Source: Nate

1. [+125, -23] Sorry but... who is she...

2. [+78, -5] No comments.

3. [+74, -23] This is probably another case like the 'mom and the two sons' where everyone was scammed by someone acting like the victim. She's an idol to boot so this is going to follow her for the rest of her career, if she can even still promote anymore. We really need to stop believing random claims from the internet with no evidence.

4. [+20, -5] This is on par with the 'mother and two sons' scandal. Some woman from that women's only cafe used the ID Jisoolove and claimed she had two years worth of evidence of Seo Jisoo sexually harassing her. She was of course sued for defamation and spreading false rumors and police did investigate the case for four months and concluded that she did indeed spread the rumors. People who spread it were penalized and hid from the cafe. People still believe the rumors though ㅋㅋㅋ that women's cafe is hopeless

All credit to for the translated article, posted word for word.

Source | Herald POP via Naver via,
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