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B1A4's CNU suffers knee injury, reported to be undergoing surgery

According to various news reports, B1A4′s CNU has sustained a serious knee injury. The injury is serious enough to warrant surgery. However, this injury apparently happened right before releasing the group’s new album in August. Apparently, CNU didn’t want their comeback to be pushed back because of him and insisted on continuing with promotions.

According to a representative, CNU has been diagnosed with Chondromalacia Patellae (read about it here) and will be receiving surgery for it. The hospital has come to the conclusion that CNU should stop all promotions and should receive surgery as soon as possible.

As the oldest member of B1A4, CNU has been trying to promote to his fullest despite the company and members trying to make him rest, confirming CNU’s affection for B1A4.

Fans have already noticed a knee injury because he had a protection for it, but he didn’t make it obvious at all.

(Fans noticed this bandage during Inkigayo Sokcho Festival rehearsals)

UPDATE: According to B1A4′s representatives, “CNU has to get surgery for his knee, the reason for his injury was because of the choreography. He plans to receive it after the concert. B1A4 has made a comeback after 1 year and 1 month, so he has this strong will to end promotions successfully. He is having treatments and focusing on his health a lot. CNU is currently talking with the doctor to decide the surgery date

Translated by 🌱 Fyeah-B1a4
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Source:, B1A4 Instagram, Fyeah-B1a4 Tumblr 1|2, Instiz News
Tags: b1a4, health

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