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Sculpture-like handsome PFC Kim Jaejoong

JYJ Kim Jaejoong’s recent photo has been revealed.
“Sculpture-like handsome PFC...”

"Sculpture-like handsome PFC Kim Jaejoong, you missed him, right?"

JYJ Kim Jaejoong's recent photo has been revealed.

Kim Jaejoong's older sister posted a recent photo of Kim Jaejoong on her Twitter with a comment: World's most handsome, scultpture-like PFC Kim Jaejoong! You fans miss him a lot, right? I really miss him, too. Let's look at his photo together.

In the photo Kim Jaejoong is wearing a plain white shirt, his dog tag hanging around his neck. Photo was taken from side, showcasing his outstanding nose and facial features.

Fans welcomed the photo and responded, "He become handsomer after enlisting", "His face and skin haven't changed", and "His body looks firmer".

Kim Jaejoong enlisted as an active-duty soldier last March and serving as a military band member in the Army 55th Infantry Division.

Source: kmib via Naver translated by @crystalmoon64 via JYJ3.

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