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Taeyeon to perform duet with legendary rock singer im jaebum for his 30th anniversary

On September 7, Im Jae Bum uploaded onto his official Facebook page a teaser image for the upcoming remake of his hit song “Scar Deeper Than Love” that he is doing for his 30th anniversary.

The teaser image reads “Im Jae Bum (Duet with ?)” and provides a glimpse of his mysterious duet partner’s back. However, since the teaser image release, netizens have quickly mobilized to prove that Im Jae Bum’s duet partner isn’t quite so mysterious.

Fans can safely look forward to Taeyeon collaborating with Im Jae Bum on this legendary duet, which he originally sang with Park Jung Hyun in 1997.

Meanwhile, Im Jae Bum is releasing a new album in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of his debut. Starting with a concert in Seoul on October 30, he will hit up 10 different cities on his domestic tour.

His remake of “Scar Deeper Than Love,” which will most likely feature Taeyeon, is slated for release on September 10.

Are you looking forward to this collaboration?

Girls' Generation Taeyeon, Yim Jae-beom 30th anniversary collaboration...'A Scar Deeper than Love'

1. [+2079,-273] Wow...Yim Jae-beom and Taeyeon's duet daebak ㅠㅠ

2. [+1826,-297] Wow, it's Taeyeon. Looking forward to it

3. [+1637,-233] Taeyeon and Yim Jae-beom ㅠㅠ Can't even imagine how good their collaboration will be...looking forward to it

4. [+1668,-340] Let us hear it...two great OST singers

   (t/n: the comment used a term that has a more deeper meaning than 'great' but I'm using this in case I get it wrong in my wording :))

5. [1455,-275] Taeyeon's vocals lives up to its reputation!

6. [+351,-87] Kim Taeyeon, a singer who can be trusted and listened to ㅠㅠ Let us hear that vocals/sound that's filled with emotions ee80a2.png
7. [+323,-60] Wow...looking forward to Taeyeon unnie and Yim Jae-beom!

8. [+314,-55] Just the article's title ㅠㅠ is already so good

are y'all ready for rocker!taeng/duet!taeng?

source: soompi via tvreport, buiboi@onehallyu via naver II videos: stoneyoontaeyulsic, ssfcedge
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