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Il etait une fois

Miwoo - "Broken Doll" MV

From the video's official description:

"A new singer-songwriter who doesn't seem a rookie at all, MIWOO is attracting a lot of attention that she is the first singer who Leessang, the best artist in Korea as well as hip-hop duo, is in charge of producing. We can expect the birth of the unrivaled female singer-songwriter as well as a vocalist who can cross over various genres with a musical sense of genius. She makes an official debut on Sep 4th with the first single titled [Broken Doll] composed by herself.

The debut song [Broken Doll] is a medium tempo song with bright and cheerful rhythm singing the piipful modern society, where is losing inner beauty and uniqueness by judging and restricting him/herself based on the definition and standards of beauty set by the world, compared to a broken doll."

Click CC for the lyrics translation. You can buy the song on iTunes here!

Source: 1theK, iTunes

Love this song and MV; her voice sounds great and I want her whole wardrobe.
Tags: indie, leessang, music video, nugu

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