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Some Red Velvet updates

On the afternoon of the 8th at the preview of their first full album “The Red” at the Olympic Hall at Seoul Olympic Park, Red Velvet talked about the snack cart that TVXQ Changmin had sent, saying “Thanks to the snack cart we had strength to film our music video.”

Wendy said that “After the snack cart had been received, we went straightaway to film the choreography video. We ate the snacks deliciously and filmed the music video.” Explaining that “Apart from Changmin senior, there’s also many seniors who gave us advice. Every time the words "I am monitoring (Senior monitoring/watching Red Velvet) is heard, we always gain strength.” she added.

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Red Velvet said, their title song “Dumb Dumb” is a cute song

Red Velvet feels proud because finally their 1st album “The Red” is going to be released soon

In ‘Lady’s Room’ Joy said there’s narration in the beg. of the song and their conversation was improv I believe it was Seulgi + Yeri + Joy

Wendy and Yeri wish they can get 1st place through this album.

Wendy: The first full-length album is finally out. We’re so proud since this is the first full-length album for us. I’m so nervous about how everyone will think about it. I hope you listen it well.

Irene: We prepared 10 songs that can represent the music color of bright red feeling between the strong image ‘RED’ and feminine image ‘VELVET’.

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About the differences between Red Velvet and other girl groups:

Yeri: We can show either bright lively feeling and the soft feeling.

Joy: The thing that we do the “You can sing these kind of songs too?”. To do music and try the different genres. I think that’s our point of difference.

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Members said “This song holds the image of a cute girl who becomes like a mannequin when she stands in front of someone who she likes” as an explanation. Even in this song, the part where they shout “Mannequin” was the part that was addictive.

Joy said, 'It felt fresh when I saw the MV. The camera skills have improved so much.’ and smiled.

The costume of the first revealed performance was out of ordinary. At this day, SM only officially allowed Red Velvet photo time for the interview but didn’t allow shooting of the performance. It seemed because of the costume. They styled with white shirt and jeans, and the front are of the jeans were tore off from the thigh to the ankle revealing the inner skins.

Members said, “It’s quite uncomfortable so it must be fixed” but also said “We sweat but the ventilation works well. It’s cool.” And was joyful. Yeri gave smiles by saying “If you’re going to follow us wearing it, you must wear underpants.”

© Sports Hankook / News20Busan

One of the inspiring thing was Joy’s words. “After we debuted, we knew nothing so the fact that we’re going to be on the stage itself was fresh and happy. But as the time passed by, I thought that I should show more about me than being held by a cute maknae image. And I also thought about myself, too. It was a time that I anguished a lot with 'What image should I show them from now on?’”

© Bnt News

And they emphasized, “Making others know a bit more about Red Velvet is our big goal for now.”, as this is their first album, the members’ desire felt stronger than ever.

Wendy said, “I’m enjoying more than the early debut days. If before was the "Happiness” of knowing nothing, then now, this is the feeling of being able to enjoy because of the thought “Our album is really out”. Moreover, our team work became really strong in one year. My family is in Canada but my members are more like a family than my family.

Wendy: “My family lives in Canada. For me, the members are like family now.”

© Etoday

Yeri: I feel that our teamwork is getting stronger. During the trainee time, the physical strength consumption was really high and even there are hard times too, the unnies kept the spirits so that’s why we could do our best.

Red Velvet: This time we will show the thicker RED. The stronger, brighter, and lively image. If there’s a chance we would like to show the “VELVET” feeling too.

SM Representative: We’ll prepare for “Velvet” album as well. But it’s not scheduled yet.

Irene: Just like our name, 'Red Velvet’, the title track of The Red, Dumb Dumb is between the Velvet side and Red side, you’ll be able to feel the bright red side of it!“

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