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Rain Parts With Cube Entertainment

Entertainer Rain has parted ways with Cube Entertainment.

Earlier, it was reported that Rain was considering leaving his home of two years, Cube Entertainment, after the termination of his contract in September. He then posted a message to his fans on his personal Instagram account confirming this rumor.

In the Instagram post, he said, “Hello.. this is Jung Ji Hoon. I hope all the fans are doing well. Be careful of the cold that comes with the change of seasons. After much discussion, I have decided to part ways with CEO Hong Seung Sung, who is like a father to me. I want to thank him once again for always supporting and cheering me on. For my future plans, I will update you all as soon as possible. Thank you~”

Rain has thus become a free agent as his contract with Cube Entertainment will end this month. Whether he will remain a free agent or join another agency has yet to be confirmed.

1. [+2,354, -227] I recommend going back to JYP..

2. [+1,825, -144] B2ST, please don't renew your contracts too...

3. [+844, -108] Wishing him the best out of the company

4. [+707, -77] He did well with what he could...

5. [+238, -47] The most important artist in Cube is not Rain but B2ST. If B2ST leaves Cube, Cube will be in the reds.

6. [+282, -114] He has no sense of responsibility. Set up MBLAQ under his own agency and then threw them away after he discharged from the army.

7. [+141, -10] He's had movies, dramas, and an album in the past two years but his agency didn't promote any of them. Clearly the agency lacks the ability to handle him so it's good that he left.

8. [+126, -10] Cube never once helped Rain out with his promos. They put out the wrong information in their press releases all the time. Said he was shooting a movie when he was shooting a drama and reported the wrong numbers for his Chinese drama when it did much higher than what they claimed. Cube and Rain are just not a match, he's better off finding a better match.

9. [+130, -16] His Chinese drama 'Diamond Lover' hit daebak but Cube never released one article about it. He's better off leaving them as fast as he can. Hopefully he can fin dan agency that can promote his talents way better than Cube did. Fighting

source: soompi, netizenbuzz, rain's insta, naver

welp he signed because of hong appa and he's not the ceo anymore, considering how bad cube management is at things like proper promotion... i'm not surprised.
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