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Basement baby, soccer star, "the belt guy" Roh Ji Hoon to release a 2nd mini

"Birth of a Great Star" alumnus Roh Ji Hoon will be unveiling a new record this month, retaining his "Autumn Gentleman" image.

He revealed through various online media outlets that his second album "Emotion ('感(감)')" will be released on the 16th, a year and 7 months after his last single, "A Song For You".

This morning, Cube Entertainment unveiled a teaser image for his mini-album through social media channels, starting a comeback countdown amongst fans. The visual presents a black and white image of Roh in a fitted suit and a smoldering gaze, capturing his new "Autumn Gentleman" portrayal. The refined script typeset enhances his new sophisticated image, creating anticipation for his awaited comeback.

Roh Ji Hoon debuted in 2012 with the single "Punishment," after he gained popularity as a contestant on the MBC talent program "Birth of a Great Star." He became known for his bad boy appeal and became especially favored by female fans. After releasing "A Song For You" in 2014 which showcased his grown-up vocal talents, fans have been eagerly waiting for his next release.

This latest album will establish his ability as a singer-songwriter, as he composed and wrote the record in its entirety. He is hoping to step away from his reputation as a talent contestant and become known as a genuine artist.
source: kpopstarz

seems like minhyuk/heota will be featuring!
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