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Day6 showcase fancams!

source: jaeparklb

[Free하게 (Freely)]


[이상하게 계속이래 (Out of My Mind)]

[버릇이 됐어 (Habits)]

[태양처럼 (Like That Sun) and Colors ]
It seems like they only gave 20 second previews of these two songs. :(

[2pm - My House cover]

[Young K - 이그말]


I wanted to make this a fancam and sns post update, but there is alot more work then necessary to link all their instagram updates properly... anyways, show day6 alot of love, it's like what was said on the last few day6 posts, but jype hasn't really shown them off yet and they've practically been promoting themselves. Jae made their showcase poster, they uploaded their own previews, and junhyeok here is telling dogs and food about their album on instagram (just go read all of his translated hashtags, 'cause they're as hilarious as Jae's). They won't be performing on music shows as of now because of the technicalities around their live instruments. Also, their original debut mv got deleted because of a hacker, so go and rewatch the new one too!! (Day6 tag mods??)

Fancams: Freely 블루에이드 THE DAY diah valentina | Congratulations I pin | Out of My Mind Kang Hanrin | Out of My Mind and Habits Day6_TV | Congratulations, Like that Sun and Colors 똘 똘 | My House JYP NEW GEN 2 | 이그말 and You Daylight Day6
Tags: day6, debut, fan cam, jyp entertainment

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