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Ailee Insists on Going Through With Schedule Despite Injury

Despite sustaining a fracture ahead of her comeback, singer Ailee is insisting on going through with her schedule as planned.

On September 9, Ailee’s management agency YMC Entertainment said, “On [September] 7 during music video filming, a radiator that was there as a prop fell on Ailee’s right ankle, and she currently has a cast after receiving a diagnosis that the fracture will take four weeks to fully heal.”

The agency continued, “While she is currently in need of hospital treatment, Ailee has expressed a strong determination to continue with the original schedules as planned in order to keep her promise to domestic and international fans who are waiting to see her perform."

“In honor of her wishes, we will proceed with schedules as planned insofar as we can concentrate our efforts so as to maximally focus on [Ailee] healing up and quickly recovering,” they added.

Accordingly, Ailee is slated to continue with her domestic and foreign schedules, starting with the September 30 release of her full-length album, as she simultaneously recovers and receives treatment.


not really buying this as her decision...
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