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Sunye Reportedly Pregnant With Her Second Child

Sunye will soon be the proud mother of two children.

On September 9, an close acquaintance of hers said, “Sunye is currently pregnant with her second child.” It has been two years since her last pregnancy.

According to the insider, Sunye is currently in the early stages of her second pregnancy and is suffering from morning sickness. She is currently spending time with her family at her parent’s house in Gyeonggido.

Meanwhile, the female star married missionary James Park on January 2013 and had her daughter the same year in October.

After that, she officially announced her departure from Wonder Girls with Sohee this past July.

Meanwhile, Sunye recently cheered on Wonder Girls’ newest album “REBOOT.

Sources: soompi, naver

If true then OP sincerely congratulates her and hopes that all goes well ;;
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