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TV show asks kids to choose between rich and poor parents


Article: 'So What About My Age' Kids prefer busier but richer parents

Source: TV Report via Naver

A show with kids as panelists touched on the topic of working parents. The children were asked the question, "If you had to choose, would you choose poor but family oriented parents or rich but busy parents?"

One kid said, "I don't want to live in a house the size of a nostril" and chose rich parents. Another also chose, "If your parents are rich, you can make more positive memories. If you're poor, it doesn't matter how family oriented they are, you'll have more bad memories."

Another had to add, "You're not going to go around begging for money while raising your kid, are you? You have to make a living with your family too." The final child also chose a rich family, saying, "Even though the parents will be too busy for their kid, at least the kid will have more opportunities for education."

[netizens comments]
1. [+3,465, -38] Hul... is this reality... kids are scary now

2. [+2,863, -29] Wow, this is honestly terrifying. Kids actually said all of this? It's not scripted at all? ㅜㅜ This is so sad

3. [+2,291, -33] I feel like my kid will yell at me for being poor if I have one

4. [+1,963, -347] Hul, they're so young and yet they've already got messed up character tsk tsk

5. [+1,499, -45] Realistically, what they're saying is right but every parent is doing their best for their child and sacrificing so much for us. As they say, it costs 300 million won per kid nowadays to raise one. Let's all work to become better people than our parents and pay back their sacrifices!

6. [+807, -14] This show is so frustrating... get this show off air. These little kids already judging 'nostril sized houses'... educate your kids right, what has the world come to?

7. [+793, -7] All of these kids sound like they come from rich families. The show should bring in some middle income kids too. I can already see how these kids were raised by their parents with the way they're talking.

8. [+800, -24] This show is trash

9. [+705, -9] They're so young and already talking this and that about money... I bet they even judge the worth of their parent's love by money too. So many problems with this.

10. [+567, -6] I can only hope that this is scripted

11. [+541, -14] I'm suddenly so sorry to my daughters ㅠㅠ living in a nostril sized house, I wonder if I've even given them positive memories ㅜㅜ oh, money...

12. [+514, -5] Clearly this is what they learned from their parents... I remember when I was younger, it didn't matter whether I was rich or poor. I always got mad when my mom wasn't home after school and having her scent around me was the best in the world. It's so scary that these young kids are already talking like this.

13. [+510, -10] These kids are not the ones to fault... kids are merely a reflection of what they see and hear.

source: Netizenbuzz naver
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