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💎 DIA 💎 predebut news and goodies, get on the hype train

MBK Entertainment‘s newest girl group DIA will be having an unlikely debut.

Unlike many other girl groups that debut with a single album or a mini album, the new girl group, being dubbed as “T-Ara‘s little sister group” by their agency, will be debuting with a full-length studio album titled “Do It Amazing.” The album will consist of 10 songs in total, including their title track “For Some Reason.” It will also include songs like “Lean On Me” featuring rapper Microdot, “Say Hello,” and Chinese and acoustic versions of their title track.

Shinsasdong Tiger and Monster Factory have produced the album, with YG producer BIGTONE, Microdot, Sanchez, and actor Hyun Woo participating in the album. It is being reported that DIA members Seung Hee and Cathy also contributed to songwriting.

DIA will officially debut on September 17 with a stage on “M! Countdown.”

[Album track listing]

[Previews of I Gotta Feeling and Somehow]"I Gotta Feeling" (almost full version!!)

"Somehow" short version

[Somehow MV teasers]"Somehow" Teaser (Eunjin & Cathy ver.)

"Somehow" Teaser (Eunice & Chaeyeon ver.)

[ENG SUB] DIA Hong Kong Location Story

[DIA messing around on afreecaTV]Eunjin + Eunice dancing to the Bunny Song

Eunjin dancing to Bubble Pop

Eunjin dancing to Heart Attack

Eunice sorta dancing to Heart Attack but not really

sauces: soompi / youtube: haooyster 1 2 3, 왕유젠 1 2 3 4, Cottonx 114 1 / twitter: @DIA_intl

theres a pimp post here if anyone is interested!! it has additional unsubbed videos as well
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