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[Update] re: Seung Ho

[Dispatch= Reporter Hwang Soo Yeon] 5W1H Issue Breakdown

> WHO: MBLAQ Yang Seung Ho (28), 'A' Agency Representative Mr. L
> WHEN: Sept. 11, 2015 around 3AM
> WHERE: High-end bar in Shinsadong, Seoul
> WHAT: Yang Seung Ho has been assualted by L, who had been a representitve of the past agency
> WHY: Yang Seung Ho and L used to work together in JTunes Camp together. L has left the agency two years ago. He is currently the head of a small entertainment agency A
> HOW: Assault occurs while drinking alcohol inside the bar. L, during a heated argument with Seung Ho, assaults the first time him for "being impertinent" with a (wine) glass. Assaults him later once more by the roadside the second time.

> D-Fact:
The Assault Case with Yang Seung Ho as the Victim. It was actually a much more serious situation than reported. At least five police cars were present after the report. About ten policemen were dispatched to the scene, and they were able to arrest L after a physical fight.
According to Yang Seung Ho, the assualt began inside the private room at the bar. L raised the glass and smashed it against Seung Ho's head. Frightened, Seung Ho called 112.
L was not able to calm down easily. The violence continued outside the bar. According to a witness, during a phone call with Dispatch, reported that he/she "saw L assaulting Seung Ho. He was holding a bottle of liquor" and that "there was blood trickling down Seung Ho's head."
It took quite some time for the police to put down L by force; L was resisting too much. The witness stated that aroung ten policemen had to pounce on him to make the arrest.
According to an associate from MBLAQ's agency on the afternoon of 11th, "there was some slight misunderstanding after drinking and getting together for the first time in awhile" and that "Yang Seung Ho does not want any punishment for L."
A representative from Gangnam Police Station revealed that they "have arrested L without detainment" and that "the victim currently does not want any punishment." They plan to investigate the incident further as needed.

translated by OP
there are pictures on dispatch site if you want to look at them.

rme HARD at "seung ho not wanting punishment." even if he said that it's likely due to the fact that even at another agency L has hold over seung ho. ugh, power trip.
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