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Epik High announce Hawaii concert

Coming pretty much out of left field, Tablo announced via Twitter on Wednesday that Epik High would hold a concert at Hawaii's Neil Blasdell Concert Hall on October 18. Tickets go on sale September 16 through Ticketmaster, according to the concert poster. There are different price ranges for front row, general, and balcony seating, but the prices don't seem to have been released yet.

Meet and greet tickets will be available for an extra charge; they are separate from the regular concert tickets and it appears that they have to be bought in person (and paid for in cash for some reason????)

[Meet and Greet rules from the website]
Want to meet Epik High?

A meet & greet will be held for fans and limited to 200 people. Location of the meet and greet will be given at the time of purchase of the meet & greet ticket for security reasons.

Rules for the Epik High Meet & Greet

  • Meet & Greet tickets are $100 USD per ticket.
  • Meet & Greet tickets must be paid in cash; credit cards or checks are not accepted.
  • Meet & Greet tickets can only be purchased after purchase of a concert ticket.
  • Meet & Greet ticket purchaser must show proof of concert ticket purchase.
  • Only 1 meet & greet ticket may be purchased per concert ticket. (i.e. If you purchased 1 concert ticket, you may not purchase 2 meet & greet tickets).
  • You must have ID (state id, passport, student ID) when purchasing the meet & greet ticket.
  • Name and concert ticket receipt number will be recorded when purchasing meet & greet ticket to avoid multiple purchases under the same ticket.
  • The meet & greet ticket must be presented when attending the meet & greet. Lost tickets will not be replaced! DO NOT lose your meet & greet ticket! WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST MEET & GREET TICKETS.
  • Meet & Greet autograph cards will be handed out at the meet & greet for autograph signing.
  • Only 1 item may be autographed at signing (i.e. 1 cd OR the meet & greet card, not both).
  • Photos at the meet & greet will be handled by our staff and given out at the concert, prior to entering into the concert hall.
  • For questions regarding the meet & greet please email

  • Where Can I Buy Meet & Greet Tickets?

    Meet & Greet tickets can be purchased at Vizume in Waikiki from 12pm – 10am beginning September 23rd (1 week after tickets go on sale).

    345 Royal Hawaiian Avenue Suite 304

    Honolulu, Hawaii 96815

    [Bonus: `Rich` music sketch]

    Source: blobyblo,, IDOLIC TV

    Any Hawaiian Omonians here? Are you planning on going to the show?
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