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¥ook $ungja€ on Masked Singer (again!) gave up his win in second round - learn why

First Round
original song: 가슴 아파도 by Fly To The Sky

Loser Round - Identity Reveal
original song: Replay by Kim Dong Ryul

Second Round
original song: 그대에게 by Shin Hee Chul

Why Sungjae opted out?
Because of broadcast accident.
Basically because of MBC technical mistake Sungjae's was declared a loser in 1st Round. He performed in the Loser Round where his identity was revealed. But it turned out the results for 1st Round were wrong, he actually won. Since it was a live broadcast so they couldn't edit it out or something so everyone became aware LP Boy is Sungjae. He was allowed to compete normally in the 2nd Round since it wasn't his mistake or anything, just MBC screwed up.
Obviously his fans (he has a ton of annoying personal fans and it's not fair to call them all Melodies) started voting like crazy for him and it got pretty unfair. Before 2nd Round results were announced, Sungjae informed he is giving up and his opponent advanced into 3rd round. Sungjae said: "I'm really sorry to say this, but under a circumstances where I've accidentally revealed myself, I think it is an unfair vote. I am so sorry but I am honored as many people get to listen (to me sing). I opt to give up my qualification" (trans cr mrsdoob2ty). He apologised for everything, even though ultimately he wasn't the one to blame.
Also it's worth noting that for Masked Singers contestants practice only three songs. Sungjae sang what he prepared for 2nd round in his indentity reveal performance and what he practiced for 3rd Round we heard in 2nd Round. So if he actually won 2nd Round, he would be left without any song to sing in 3rd Round.
People were suprised by his wise decision to give up, he trended on search engines, twitter etc for a while too. Probably if his identity wasn't revealed, he could've made it to the finals but he did a good job today and defenitely gained respect of many.

Below are netizens' comments:

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source: lemiel 1 2 3, MrsDooB2uty 1 2 3

sungjae did exceptionally well given the situation, imho. i did the right thing, even though it wasn't even his fault
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