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Swings granted discharged from the army for mental illness

Swings' official facebook update

Hello, this is Moon Jihoon aka Swings.

On September 4, I was considered unsuitable for active service and discharged 11 months earlier from my military duty.

For several years since I was a child, I received psychiatric treatment for my diagnosed OCD, trauma, stress, major depressive disorder and mood swings.

The symptoms of such conditions were apparent during times of stress. Despite my compliance to the medications I took in the army, I would get stuck in a constant cycle of depression and joy.

As my mental conditions worsened, my medications doses were increased which consequently resulted in more adverse effects, which forced me to sleep most of my days for several months. As a result, I left the military due to being unsuitable for active service.

For the remaining 11 months, I plan to focus on my treatment and will not be active in the entertainment scene. Thank you for understanding. See you next year.

1. [+17,932, -2,479] He enlisted when he didn't have to.. and has always had a mental illness. So don't hate.

2. [+15,254, -1,995] He was originally exempt but enlisted anyway~~~~~ don't judge him

3. [+12,716, -1,694] Don't hate on him when he enlisted when he didn't have to

4. [+11,095, -1,479] Must've been hard for him since he already had a mental illness

5. [+1,806, -219] So a person with his own mental illness has been writing rap lyrics and hurting others mentally? What an ironic world~

6. [+2,216, -365] This is why I don't like it when hip hop rappers who haven't even served in the army write lyrics criticizing society. They have no right to. They haven't even completed a basic obligation for society and they think they have a right to say anything?

7. [+1,385, -225] This is why rappers are called pathetic. They act all tryhard and strong but wimp out when it comes to obligations ㅋㅋㅋ they're worse than idols who at least serve their full term.

8. [+1,102, -104] How is he able to function with a career as a celebrity if his mental illness is bad enough for him to be exempt from the army?

source: hiphopkr, moonswings86, netizenbuzz, naver

in case anyone is wondering, originally he was exempt from army service bc of his condition but since he applied for KATUSA and got rejected, he started army service.
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