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⚞EXID⚟ updates! Final episode of Showtime, CFs, Hyerin's birthday, etc

August was a busy month for the girls!! Final episode of Showtime is in the post plus other subbed clips, photoshoots, CFs and activities.

[EXID Showtime Ep. 8][ENG SUB] EXID Showtime Ep. 8 (Final)

[Solji on My Little Television][ENG SUB] Solji on My Little Television (she hosts a noraebang)

[Hani for The Star Magazine September 2015]Hani for The Star Magazine September 2015

EXID‘s Hani recently conducted an interview with The Star magazine, and answered a lot of personal questions.

Everyone’s favorite question is, of course, whether she is seeing anyone. She responded, “I want to, but I think I would not be thinking about the other person if I were to start dating now. I have enough trouble taking care of myself, and I don’t think that I could take care of someone else. Also, being with the members of EXID is so much fun, and I don’t feel lonely at all.”

Hani also showed her mature side. Despite being born in 1992, she has been very proactive, even when EXID was not well known. She said, “While we were not doing much as a team for two years, I couldn’t stand it. I was stressed about the fact that I wasn’t going anywhere, so I enrolled myself in a Chinese school, and made plans to be less stressed.”

Moving onto her looks, Hani was asked whether she considered getting plastic surgery to change her nose, which sets her apart from other female celebrities, since her nose is hooked.

She said, “Often I do. I am sometimes tempted. I don’t think about it usually, but I notice it in some pictures or videos. It looks very prominent, but it’s also what sets me apart. I think I am content.

The interview also addressed Hani’s previous comment that she plans to leave EXID.

Hani clarified, “I didn’t mean that I will leave EXID. I just meant that ‘I have this dream [of becoming a psychologist]. I am thankful to my dream,’ and people missed the point. I just meant that I was always interested in studying psychology. I think that dreams change, and I was too rash to say something definitive about it. Don’t worry. You’ll see me for a long time.

She then talked about being the most well-known member in EXID.

At first, I was stressed and I felt guilty towards the others, because we went through the same hardship but I was the first one to get the opportunity. I would often worry at the end of a schedule, ‘What should I say? Should I say that I was tired?’ but when I went back home, the members would always hug me, asking me ‘Was it fun? Who else was there?’ and I felt stupid. I eventually told the members about my worries, and they said, ‘You must have been tired too. We are thankful that you thought of us when you were so tired.’ Now we are like sisters.

Hani concluded the interview by giving a sneak peak of the upcoming plans for EXID. When asked whether there will be a comeback soon, she said, “I think sometime in September or October! We’re trying very hard and we’re excited about it. We were worried that we would end up being a one-hit wonder, but “Ah Yeah” went well and now we just want to enjoy ourselves.”


kkuljaem: Hani dispels departure rumours in latest interview

Star News - Naver: EXID Hani "I'll continue to be an EXID member"

1. [+11,392, -817] I thought she's just a pretty face but she's also kind, has a likeable personality, and has a charming vocal colour. Do well in everything. I'm always supporting you!

2. [+8,662, -652] You can tell from her smile, her behaviour and her words how charismatic and hardworking she is. Wishing you more success

3. [+7,504, -1,641] She should be forever thankful to that fancam person.. If it wasn't for him...

4. [+5,910, -568] Hani's pretty!!!!

5. [+482, -103] What I've always felt about Hani is that she seems to be a profound thinker and someone who is thoughtful

6. [+116, -15] She grew up with lots of love and guidance. Hani exudes confidence and positivity. I liked her because she's pretty and smart but right now, her personality is the most attractive part of her

7. [+97, -6] If you're interviewing idols or young celebrities, never ask if they're currently dating someone. Even if they do, they're not that dumb to reveal it. Why bother asking when you already know that answer? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+69, -7] Definitely a wife material. Compared to most idols who care so much about their image, Hani's carefree and isn't afraid to show her different sides. The person she'll marry sure is lucky

BTS video

[A billion CFs]Hani for Paldo Ramyun (yass at least 1 member achieved their dream of having a ramen cf lmao)

EXID for Pepsi

Hani for Clash of Kings

EXID as ambassadors for FashionKODE 2016 S/S (Hani, LE, Hyerin and Junghwa speak English!!)

Hani for Jambangee

[ENG SUB] Hani X Jambangee Making

[Junghwas fans send a food truck to the set of her webdrama]Junghwa's fans send a food truck to the set of her webdrama

[TRANS] #Junghwa No doubt our #LEGGOS have the best sense!! Thanks to the #sandwiches and #coffee.. Ah Young gained strength! Thank you❤️ #actressPARK

[Hyerins birthday was on the 23rd!][ENG SUB] Happy Birthday to Hyerin

cr: EXID Storage 1, 2, 3, kimyubin @ onehallyu, fyhani, soompi, kkuljaem via naver, heochopper, cherry yuan, 팔도, Clash of Kings, Subi9807, EXIDWORLD
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