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Strong Your MSPaint Game Is Strong: SM Reveals Teasers for Super Junior 'Magic'

Meanwhile fans keep digesting Siwon last tweets, SM showed ELF this very 'unique' teaser for the second part (aka repackage) of their 10th anniversary special album

Ahead of the release of their special album (part two) “Magic,” Super Junior has revealed individual teaser images.

The group’s special album will include 14 songs with 10 of the songs being from their prior special album (part one). Thus there will be four completely new songs: MAGIC, 놈 놈 놈(You Got It), 도로시(Dorothy), 사랑(Sarang♥). This album will be released on September 16.

This will be a special album for the group and fans because members Donghae, Eunhyuk, and Siwon will be enlisting in the fall after promoting this album.

It appears as though the photos are being released in intervals :

Meanwhile Heechul seems as amused as fans with album cover design:

@Kimheenim: did you make this using paint??

ELFs keep creating better options to replace first teaser

(Eunhyuk posted this fanmade teaser)

Source: Eunhyuk Instagram 1|2 ,, 1|2, Teuktables Twitter, AllriseNugu Twitter
Tags: lolz, super junior

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