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BTS troll their leader hard on his birthday

V-app broadcast of Rapmon's cake cutting:

Rapmon tweeted to his fans first, unsurprisingly it was fake-deep and embarrassing:

Then the members commenced the trolling:

"Rapmon's courageous expression #RapmonHappyBday #ItsSugaHyung #Iheardyoudontusespacesforhashtags #justfoundout

"My forever friend who is also our leader!!! Rap Monster, Happy Birthday~ I love you!!!!! #RapmonHappyBday #Hobie"

"It's be boring without a picture~ Rapmon eating chaotically. Just took this picture so it's steaming hot"

"#MonHappyBday our Rap Monster, the elder hyung wants to say Happy Birthday~ can you give me a bite of that bread (you're eating)..." (Jin)

"Congrats, our baby Rap Monster #MonieHappyBday"

Kim Taehyung, I love you

Caption: Monie hyung, (be a man and) buy us foood~ #JIMIN #RM #MonieHappyBday. JM: I like pizzaaa & hamburger~~"

"Our cute dance machine, Monie hyung~ happy birthday"

Kim Taehyung tweeted that 'Kim Taehyung, I love you'... you rascal..."

At least try to do some proper hashtags..sigh..you're not there yet (meaning he's horrible at hashtags)

"I won't forgive you if you become more handsome just because it's your birthday..that's a no no.. #MonieHappyBday #JeonJungkookie"


"Everyone, Rapmon just looks like that. I'm not the traitor who posted this pic..It's Weekly Idol's cg..their skills have improved quite a bit"

"My friends who have zero interest in idols, you don't even know how many times my friends, who don't really have an interest in me too (as an idol) send me like that everyday.. my goodness.. it's cg, guys..look at this: THIS is me. (I'm) Cool Namjoon"

"Cool Monster. Next to him is Traitor #2"

"Happy Birthday~!"

"Everyone, this is the kind of company we're in."

"Sorry for the mass tweeting, have a great day! -Cool Namjoon"

"Namjoon-ah, happy birthday #Jin" Jin added "thank you, hyung" to the pic

"Lastly, our Jjoonie awww happy birhday, let's be together forever #KimTaehyungILoveU"

"Namjoon-ah, I'm releasing a comical Eat Jin for the first time just for you #IhopeyouforgetaboutthetweetImadeamistakeon #EatJin" See the Eat Jin post from yesterday.

"And your birthday has come to an end #Jimin #RM #Rapmonhyungiscurrentlysinging"

"Let us all kill Park Jimin"

Sources: Geniusyub, BTS's twitter, ArmyBaseSubs

I love how close they are <3
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