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[OSEN]: Why We Must Look Forward To B1A4’s Next Comeback

Last week B1A4 finished 'Sweet girl' promotions with an special concert, this journalist wants to encourage you to root for them in their next comeback

Their skills have been gradually built upon. They are a boy group that have composed their own songs since debut, and have even produced entire albums. As opposed to common idol music that is sensitive to trends, they pour their team’s colours and true stories into their songs, thus making them a team to look even more forward to. This is the story of B1A4 who have made ‘sweet’ achievements.


On the 10th last month, B1A4 had their comeback as a group after one year, and released their sixth mini album ‘SWEET GIRL’. After focusing on individual activities they finally stood on stage as B1A4 and kicked off with a tearful start to their promotions. Over the past month they actively went on stage in order to show even more of their performances. With their 1st place on music charts and a music program, they have once again strongly proven their development. In many aspects, this promotion has been a meaningful one.

Truthfully, during this comeback, B1A4′s growth and development were more important than winning 1st place. It has been more meaningful to see them develop as they climbed upwards, step by step. At their Guerilla concert, the members shed tears as they stated, “we weren’t able to release new music for a year, so we thought that we may have been forgotten by our fans.” It seems that they put together songs that they weren’t able to release in that year’s time for this album.

Perhaps due to this, their newest album contains more mature emotions, and it nicely lays out the diverse stories of each song. B1A4 poured the experiences that they’ve had over these years into this album. With Jinyoung in the front, and Shinwoo and Baro’s contributions to the songs, it seems that they have laid out B1A4′s story so well.

In particular, their new attempt with the title track ‘Sweet Girl’ has gained attention. ‘Sweet Girl’ is definitely different from the colours that B1A4 have displayed before. As a more mature and sweet serenade, they’ve taken a step further from the music they have done in the past, and showed us a widening spectrum. With the fusion of real band sounds and orchestrations, they have enriched the song’s melody, and even received responses that “it’s different from typical idols,” and “it’s a stylish song.”

(Thanks to Jinyoung guitar skills b1a4 acoustic versions are always on point, sweet girl is not exception)

When speaking about B1A4 the phrase ‘not like typical idols’ often comes up. It only further emphasizes their ability to escape trends and firmly build their team’s true colours. Rather than choosing a summer song that goes well with the season, or selecting genres based on popular trends, they put in the messages and stories that they can and wish to share at this time. It reflects their determination to show us that as their group grows and develops through time and experience, so does their music.

B1A4 is ending their promotions for ‘Sweet Girl’ in a special way once again. They will be having their first outdoor concert. This coming 12th~13th, their outdoor concert at Yonsei University Open-Air Theatre will contain stages filled with an acoustic atmosphere, allowing B1A4 to present their music in a different way. It will be a special time for the group and their fans.

B1A4 has taken another step forward as musicians, and their development is one to be proud of. For this group whose musical colours are becoming more solidified, we are greatly looking forward to what we will hear from them next.

Source: OSEN
Trans: roz @ bethe1all4one

Source: OSEN, BeThe1All4one Blog, Baro Instagram, 허니플
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