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Special Foodie Idol Corner: Cooking With BTS's Jin ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ Ep1

[JIN] Everyone it’s lunch
time did you eat lunch yet

If you didn’t look at BangtanPork and go to eat
rice topped with pork


First you must prepare the ingredients

Well the ingredients I always
bought it my own way

Waiting after making the marinade

The ratio is red pepper
paste- moderately, red pepper powder- moderately, sugar- spoon out about one
spoonful, crushed garlic- about 2 teaspoons

There’s a reason for all this
appropriate measuring

First time making food for 10 hoo hoo*

*(T/N: Sound
effect usually used for when working hard/panting)

Hey hurry up and take a picture

acting like I’m cutting meat

Mix the meat that’s all cut and the vegetables that were put
aside and the seasoning that was made moderately

I didn’t have a bowl big
enough to mix the ingredients for 10 people so i just got the biggest pot and
mixed it in that instead

Hyung look at this

I looked ugly in that one take it again

Anyway after mixing it all move it to a bowl

Cover it in wrap and put it in the fridge to age


There’s no sleeping shot *

It’s now morning. Please cook
the meat.

*(T/N: since you had to leave it overnight, Jin made a joke on how
he didn’t take a “sleeping shot” of the food)

Jungkook who was brushing his teeth drowsily took this

Since it’s been 10 minutes it’s not cooked

So cook for
about 15 minutes

Ah that’s right to complete this pork we need

Taehyung-ah go and buy some cheese that’s used for pizza


It wasn’t a joke 15 minutes later (Taehyung) came from the convenience
store that was right below us

Anyway after doing all of this and that it’s

The meat’s a bit overcooked

Since we need to take some photos let’s take some shots of
(people) waiting to eat

As I was writing this I forgot who this was..Who is

Ah Hobie!

Well anyways after doing this and that we all ate

The end

Cooking: Jin

Pictures: Jungkook

Tasters: Bangtan,

p.s As I was cooking (I was wondering), how people take photos
(well).. It’s really hard; respect ㅜㅜ

Source: bts-trans
cr; Celestine @ bts-trans
Original content from: bangtan.tistory

He has a ton more
recipes that he does for the guys and they all look hella good even though I
don't really fuck with red meat like that. I might do this every so often. He
should probably put out a cookbook at this point.

EDIT: New source added.
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