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another jonghyun "comeback" update! ◟(◔ั₀◔ั )◞ ༘♡

(it's in quotations because it's not an actual comeback.)


a quick round up of newly released information on the release of jonghyun's upcoming album, the collection [story. op. 1], translated by yours truly. the title track of the album has been confirmed to be "루의 끝 (the end of a day)" which was featured in the first teaser released for the "comeback" (that confirmed the mysterious teaser released on the 13th being for jonghyun) and the newer teaser which can be found below. the song was previously released for jonghyun's composition corner on blue night radio, "the man who composes", in november of last year. there will be a total of nine tracks on the album, which will be released digitally at midnight kst on september 17th and physically on the 18th. all of the songs, minus one that is said to be new, were also revealed in the past on blue night. jonghyun composed and wrote every song on the album (some with the help of his composition group / high school friends, wefreaky).

jonghyun will be "revealing" the title track for the first time outside of the radio show to the public via a live stream on naver's v application on september 16th at 10pm kst. during the broadcast he will also showcase other songs from the album and talk about each, the album creation process, ect.


A video posted by @jonghyun.948 on

@realjonghyun90: second surprise!!!^^ it was a really really happy album (to make) even though i had to stay up so many nights because… i thank and thank and thank you. thank you for everything.

(jonghyun tweeted after he was confirmed to be the first artist performing for sm's the agit series that his line of solo concerts was the first of three "surprises" to come from him. the album was the second, the third is yet to be ~unveiled.)

source(s): smtown / naver (i, ii) / @jonghyun.948 / @realjonghyun90 / @thatcoolcatmeow (for tweet translation)
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