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SM Rep: "We don't want SM and JYJ mentioned in the same line"

JYJ Junsu to come back as solo in October, will he be seen on a music program?

There is interest focusing on whether group JYJ’s Junsu will appear on the 3 terrestrial broadcasters’ music programs, amid him making a comeback as a solo artist next month.

According to the business industry on September 14, Junsu will release his solo album in only 7 months after his 3rd album ‘FLOWER’ last March. In the album this time, there contains songs well-matched for autumn and winter, like ballads and dance songs filled with vocal colors unique to Junsu. He is planning on going on an Asia Tour –i.e. to Japan and more– after the album release.

In the business industry, they are paying attention at Junsu being able to appear on the 3 terrestrial broadcasters’ music-airing programs this time. Junsu was a member of TVXQ but is active together with Yuchun and Jaejoong as JYJ after they split from SM Entertainment in 2009 and shifted their affiliation to C-JeS Entertainment. However, Yuchun and Jaejoong, including Junsu, even have not made an appearance on the 3 terrestrial broadcast channels’ music programs after their split from TVXQ. JYJ’s terrestrial music program appearance is unique only to Junsu’s EBS ‘Space Empathy’ last April, and this is also an appearance achieved 6 years after his withdrawal from TVXQ.

[More information]In the business industry, it is reported that JYJ has not appeared on a music program since splitting from SM, and yet their legal battle has made an impact. They are artists who started a legal battle with and withdrew from the ‘pop culture power’ SM –that’s commonly known as the country’s biggest entertainment–. Because of that, they were left off of appearing on terrestrial music programs. We will point out that couldn’t be the only ones a burden on broadcasters themselves.

Last April Choi Min Hee, an Assemblywoman of the New Politics Alliance for Democracy, brought up an observation where she tried to solve JYJ’s implicit ‘appearance ban’ on music-airing programs by proposing the purported ‘JYJ Law’. The JYJ Law contains contents that prohibits actions and such by broadcasters in preventing an artist from appearing on music broadcasts for no reason.

Still, it is an uncertain situation whether there’s be a terrestrial music program appearance by Junsu. Whether he’ll make an appearance on a program will be due to a producer or someone else’s authority. Even if he is an applicable singer, he has to rise to the No.1 nomination of a music-ranking program, or they might not be able to fit him in a broadcast if he doesn’t climb up onto the performer list.

SM is drawing a line decisively about speculations in the public eye that any influences from SM toward JYJ –i.e. Junsu– having not made an appearance on a music program, did not happen. A representative from SM said, “We do not want SM and JYJ to be mentioned together”.

Meanwhile we tried contacting by phone calls and other ways several times but terrestrial music programs’ PDs’ stances about whether Junsu will make an appearance, were not heard.

Source: Hankooki via Daum translated by Rilanna from JYJ3

LMAO! From all of the things you could have said, you chose THAT?! SM, it's time to graduate from the kindergarten LOL

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