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[MV] 제시 (Jessi) - 쎈언니 (SSENUNNI)

Article: "The real ssenunni is back"... Jessi's comeback visual

1. [+429, -71] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ She has a weaker mentality than a 16 year old. Just because she's old and has a witch-like face makes her intimidating? She's no intimidating unni, just a tryhard who acts like she is.

2. [+329, -69] It'd be nice to bring someone like Jessi or Cheetah when you go to refund clothes.

3. [+141, -8] She's a rapper who can't even memorize 'noncom cadet'..

4. [+34, -3] She's not intimidating. She's just hot tempered so it looks like she's intimidating... Turns out that under it all, she lacks determination and is a lot more weak and... foolish than everyone else.

5. [+31, -2] She should learn Korean if she wants to make money in Korea. Her Korean is worse than Sayuri... and don't go blaming it on cultural differences again. Go make money in America if so.

6. [+30, -2] If she couldn't memorize 'noncom cadet', she could've just romanized it like 'busakwan huboseng'... Being American shouldn't give her a free pass. If she had any determination at all, she would've found a way to memorize it.. but she doesn't. Her agency obviously told her that she'd get famous if she went on this show so she went on with her disrespectful self without a thought.

7. [+30, -2] She's wearing 'US ARMY' uniform when she was the one shivering in fear because she couldn't memorize 'noncom cadet'... looks like she still wants to use the army to promote herself though ㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+28, -1] Watched her on 'Real Men' and there's nothing intimidating about her, she's weak ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+20, -1] How does she memorize rap lyrics when she can't even memorize 6 syllables in 'noncom cadet'?

10. [+16, -1] Her saying she can't adjust to army life because she's from America is just an excuse. I was surprised to see her act however she wanted in a community. She couldn't even memorize six syllables in 'noncom cadet'. She's just dumb.


Strong indeed but I'd still prefer if she stuck to singing or atleast get a group comeback once in a while.

Source | YMCent Official Youtube Channel, Dispatch via Nate via Netizenbuzz
Tags: hip hop, music video, netizens

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