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NYAN 9/11/2015 Hyorin, what's good?

1 episode away from 40!

NYAN 9/11/2015 Ep. 39
Red Velvet & Jessie J - Dumb Dumb vs Bang Bang (Remix/Mashup) by KpopStyleMix

Remembering 9/11
DIA - Somehow
UP10TION - So Dangerous
Day6 - Congratulations (Mini album: The Day)
Solo Jessi? – sseunni

iKON Debut 9/15/15 - 5 title tracks, 5 MVs. Full Album of 12 songs.

Monsta X - Rush
Red Velvet - Dumb Dumb (Mini album: The Red)
Seventeen - Mansae (Mini album: hide&seek)
G.Soul - Crazy for you (Mini album: Dirty)

CN Blue - September 15th - Title track is Cinderella (Album is 2gether)
F(x) - October comeback as four
EXID - October comeback
Kyuhyun - Solo comeback in Fall
Oh My Girl with Fall comeback
Ailee injury delays her comeback?

HOT Topics

Unpretty Rapstar 2 Pilot
Netizens outraged at news of Red Velvet receiving special treatment (aka a fanclub which f(x) doesn't have)
Siwon from Super Junior, retweets support for Kim Davis (The american bigot who, while employed by the government, refused to do her job (but didn’t want to resign) then kinda apologizes?
G-Friend's best week ever? Best selling rookies of 2015 and falling video goes viral
South Korea's obsession with Maroon 5 gets dangerous when they cancel a concert an hour before start
Most viewed MV's of the year

Source: Our page @ Soundcoud
Tags: ailee, day6, f(x), gfriend, not your average netizens, red velvet, super junior, unpretty rapstar

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