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Global Rockstar United - To The Moon

GLOBAL ROCKSTAR UNITED (Ayeon from Korea's Bebop, Jhanniel from Argentina, Christian Rabb from Sweden, Syssi Mananga from Congo, Murray Yates from Canada, and Katie Thompson from New Zealand) gathered in Vienna, Austria on the 13th of August to create one music.

In one short week, these musicians overcame different languages and cultural backgrounds to compose a song, record, and shoot a music video. GLOBAL ROCKSTAR UNITED members proved "music has no barriers" with a fantastic ensemble. "TO THE MOON" is a song about love, respect, and hope, which are the GLOBAL ROCKSTAR UNITED's concept. The lyrics comfort and heal the listeners with a bright message, "No matter how rough times are, we must not give up on our dreams".

The Asian representative Ayeon of Bebop participated in composing, lyric writing, and arranging the song. She also played the drums for the recording and rapped in Korean, receiving much praise as an aspiring producer.

Source: 1theK

I actually kind of like the concept, though the lyrics were a bit cheesy. The highlight for me was the rapping at the end. Thoughts?
Tags: foreign celebrities, music video, nugu

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