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MAMAMOO host a reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything)

MAMAMOO: Hi guys we're here!

Q /u/tooformal: 1) You guys are so close, do you guys often take each others stuff? Clothes, shoes, electronics, etc?
2) Back in Feb I think you showed us your practice for Passion Flower, and it usually lasted several hours into the night. Did it take that much work for Delilah?
3) If you could perform one boy group song in Mamamoo style, which one would you choose?
MAMAMOO: 1) Solar: We're all really close so sometimes if there's something I don't wear I'll give it to one of the other members. We'll share our clothes and make up. We'll give and take
2) Hwasa: When we practiced for Immortal Song the more we practiced for an episode the shorter it got as we got more used to it. So it seems Delilah took less time than Passion Flower.
3) Solar: Of course it would be Big Bang sunbaenims. // Hwasa: laughs Hweein and I were Big Bang's fans from junior high. Of course their songs are very well written and trendy so I think it would be fun.

Q /u/Bloodia: Hwasa : Will you ever upload a EP/LP to some online outlet(soundcloud/youtube)? loved your solo songs!
Moonbyul: Who has influenced your dance/rapping?
Solar: Will you ever upgrade your recreational license? lol
Wheein: If you were in charge of the next concept, what would you go for?
MAMAMOO Hwasa: Thank you!!! Maybe?? laughs
Solar: No intention, because it's perfectly works in my life right now.
Moonbyul: Iggy Azalia. When I first heard her I really loved her flow. Then I saw her perform and she was so pretty and talented. When I debuted I listened to a lot of male rappers like Kanye West and also Verbal Jint. I would watch them and practice and learn from them as well.
Wheein: Um Oh Ah Yeah was a bit different from what we did in the past. So I would like to do another song that's like Um Oh Ah Yeah that's different but not too different.

Q /u/Limebabies: How does Solar make her hair look so magical?
MAMAMOO Solar: laughs claps The hair stylists do it for me. Not just me, but all the members pick their hair styles and make up styles, so maybe that's why it's so magical.

Q /u/Arnfasta: 1) Why did each of you decide to pursue a career in music? Is that still the same reason that gets you up every morning?
1.5) Everyone really seems to love the stage, what is it like performing on stage and, if you do love the stage, why?
MAMAMOO 1) Solar: we all love music. do you girls have any thoughts about doing anythign else? Hwasa: Not at all. Wheein: I think it's because we all love and are talented in this field which is hwy we probably picked music. smiles
1.5) Solar: Our chemistry is really great, so when we go on stage I think it shows on stage. // Hwasa: I also think it wasn't easy for all four of us to get up on stage as performers. There are also fans watching us so it's not an easy thing to do because there are pressures are there as well. But we get so much energy from our fans, so I think we're able to enjoy it that much.

Q /u/HamAaron: I can finally ask if Solar will marry me, nice!
MAMAMOO Solar: laughs Come to Korea!

Q /u/Nanoshiima: what's your favourite songs from the album?
MAMAMOO Solar: ??. I think it's bc the song is a song that you get addicted to the more you listen to it. // Moonbyul: ??? It's sort of a song about a cool girl that's like "I'll show you" which is why I like it. // Wheein: ??. It's a ballad, but I don't usually like ballads, but maybe it's bc we sang it but I really like it. I listened to it a ton. // Hwasa: I like ?? now. But the song that's in my heart is Freaking Shoes. I had so much fun writing the song which is probably why.

Q /u/AegyoOppa: 1) What is your favorite food?
2) Do you have any specialty dishes you make?
MAMAMOO 1) Solar: Hyejin said chicken // Hwasa: Chicken Pizza set.
2) Solar: Hwasa is the best cook. // Moonbyul: We haven't tried Hweein's food, but was were you good at pasta? // Solar: Kimchi fried rice and jja jjang rice. // Moonbyul: Isn't jja jjang rice something you just stick in the micro oven? Anyway Hwasa unnie is the best as cooking. She's good at grabbing leftovers from the fridge and making something really good.

Q /u/mifti12: You guys recently did a parody of Unpretty Rapstar, who do you think did the best impersonation?
MAMAMOO Moonbyul & Solar: Hwasa and Wheein. They were so good. // Hwasa: People said I looked similar to the actual people I parodied. But Wheein was good at really acting like them. // Moonbyul: The best was Wheein as Tymee. // Moonbyul: Solar was like ... method acting. // Solar: Byul was really good too.

Q /u/TaeTaeyeon: From what I can tell, every member of MAMAMOO seems to enjoy listening to Rap/R&B, maybe even more than their main genre of jazz/funk/retro. So I'm wondering..does anyone have any ideas for a R&B/Hip Hop concept in the future?
MAMAMOO Solar: There are really hardcore hip hop artists that come out on shows like Show Me the Money. I think if we did something like that we would do it really well. // Moonbyul: When we did SMTM we were there to support Basik, but I think if we were to put our own stage we would be really good at conveying that hardcore hip hop feel!

Q /u/Okiedokielemonsmokie:1) A common saying goes you are only as old as you feel. What age do you feel right now, and why?
5) Wheein, I think you got a lot of your fans into Seventeen's Mansae. I personally have been listening to it nonstop for the past couple do you feel about this?
MAMAMOO 1) Solar: 20! // Moonbyul: Are you sure? // Solar: I just like that age. // Moonbyul: I'm 21 then. Because 20 is just after becoming an adult, but 21 you've had a year of experience.
5) I don't think it's jsut because of me, but they're a group that's doing really well so a lot of people like them. The song itself is great is probably why so many people listen. (mansae motion)

Q /u/missa0137: This is for Hwasa!! What do you do to maintain your body? Cause gurl you got body goals !!!!!! And for all the girls in Mamamoo!!! Since you girls are in the Korean entertainment industry and get to meet lots of other celebrities, when was the time you have been most starstruck by someone?
MAMAMOO Hwasa: It's easy. Just eat three meals a day. // Wheein: For me it's those really really older sunbaes. The people we've seen since we were really young and people that the whole country knows. Then it's so awesome. We get star struck ourselves.

Q /u/mamamoos: 1) Among so many Immortal Song stages that you all have managed to slay it! Which stage/song do you girls think was the hardest to perform?
2) A food that all 4 of you enjoy eating together!
MAMAMOO 1) Solar: ?? ??? ???. In one song there were so many genres involved. Even the dance. Trying to do it in such a short time, it was so hard, but the end result was so great.
2) Hwasa: Meat? // Solar: Meat. It's meat.

Q /u/McToasterz: 1) You ladies have become very popular, very fast. How are you handling your speedy rise to fame?
2) Do any of you listen to American Music? Who are your current favorite American musicians?
MAMAMOO 1) Moonbyul: You know we'll perform and when the audience sings along to our song from start to finish we get goosebumps. //
2) Hwasa: There are so many! Solar: I personally like Wiz Khalifia. He's so awesome. Hwasa: Prince. I've liked him for so long.

Q /u/Eatmyskirts: Are you excited to visit Los Angeles? What do plan on doing in your off time in Los Angeles?
MAMAMOO Wheein: Shop! // Solar: Go to Universal City!

Q /u/frimash: 1) I heard that fans got to play stylist for some of your Um Oh Ah Ye performances. Which fan-styled outfit was your favorite?
2) Are you guys already working on the next single? And if so, could you give us a little hint of what it's going to be like?
MAMAMOO 1) Moonbyul: We all had our own personal favorites. // Solar: It's hard to pin point.
2) Hwasa: Our next single? laughs Pink.

Q /u/contagiouschemi: Hwasa, your thighs are the best thighs in kpop, is it weird that people consider you the sexiest in the group when you're the maknae?
Love from Scotland
MAMAMOO: Hwasa: Is this a trait that's appreciated overseas? Because here it's not so much. smiles I just eat 3 meals consistantly.

Q /u/40cows: When are you going to get your own One Fine Day show?
What artist or producer would you most like to work with next?
MAMAMOO Wheein: Ask our company!

Q /u/Seohyunboyz: Are there plans for any international concerts in the future?
MAMAMOO Solar: There might be a little extra something in LA... smiles


MAMAMOO Hey guys we know this session was VERY short, but we heard about r/kpop and wanted to drop by. We promise to be back soon with more time for everyone to ask questions and for us to answer them. Please don't be sad that it's over, because it's not. We will come back to r/kpop! Thank you so much, and we're keeping an eye out on r/kpop. Thank You!

Um, reddit? Oh, AMA! MAMAMOO, AH YEAH!
But I was too late, didn't get an answer to my question T_T! Damn you real life commitments!!!

Source | OP organised from Official MAMAMOO reddit account + Official MAMAMOO AMA Thread
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