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GOT7 Mega Roundup

Hanako Interview Translated

Translation credit:
Scans by gotmelon

"I also want to bring more passion to the production for our next tour!"

"After all, the thing that can put a smile on my face is Music!"

"First of all, our goal in Japan is to achieve the first place on Oricon."

"If we can get close to our fans, I'm very happy."

"I want to learn more of Japanese language!"

"The appealing point in our new song's MV is me! (laughs)"

"The lovely choreography is also our new song's highlight!"
It's kinda sudden, but can you tell us about some important points in your newest song "LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH" that you want people to notice?

Yugyeom: The choreography is very cute!
JB: The dance that was made up with some movements in basketball is really on point!
Junior: I like the part at the beginning of the song, where the 7 of us put our hands on top of each other's and say "Fighting!".
Mark: My favorite part is the phrase "I just want to see your smiling face".
Jackson: It's the MV. When other members got on top of the Lamborghini, I was the only one riding a bicycle...!
All: Definitely it! (Laughs)
Youngjae: The Lamborghini will appear during Mark and BamBam's part, it's really cool!
BamBam: That means I am the appealing point right? (Laughs)

Which member does suit the happy and positive vibe of this song most?

JB: Yugyeom is a pure boy so he's like the perfect image for this song. Meanwhile, I and Jackson both have a sexy image (laughs), Junior and Mark hyung are too calm, and Youngjae is too much of the type that does everything in his own unique way so we really don't suit it. BamBam is quite near to the image too, but he has the habit of pretending to be cool so I guess it cannot be him either (laughs).
BamBam: As the maknae of GOT7 Yugyeom is always full of energy isn't he?
Yugyeom: Thank you~!!

Speaking of "LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH", to each of you what are the things that can put a smile on your face?

Yugyeom: Our fans!
Junior: Even truer than the truth~
Yugyeom: And also rehearsal on stage! Because it's very fun I always laugh a lot while doing rehearsal.
Mark: Mine is a Maltese puppy named Coco we raise in our dorm.
BamBam: Mine is shopping!
Junior: Mine is when I'm taking a walk or traveling. Because I like being alone to have a space to think by myself.
JB: Music. Every time I succeed in making a good song, I always have an extraordinary smile on my face. (T/N: so happy to the point his smile becomes so bright and overwhelmed)
Jackson: For me... it's bicycle (laughs).
All: It came it came! (Burst out laughing)
Youngjae: Mine is Jackson (laughs). Because he always makes me laugh like this.

Can you tell us what is the highlight or ambition for your new Zepp tour that is starting from January next year?

Mark: The stages in Zepp tour allow us to get really near to our fans so I'm looking forward to it a lot.
Jackson: This time I also want to bring more exciting and flashy atmosphere to the tour in production aspect so that it can be better than our previous one.
JB: From now on I'm also looking forward to the kind of composition/group we would become.
Yugyeom: This time we begin our tour in Sapporo (Hokkaido) so I will take this chance to eat aaa~lll the yummy food there!
BamBam: To relax in an outdoor bath (at hot spring sites) together with the monkeys has always been my dream, so if there's a place like that nearby I would like to go there~

Lastly, please tell us your goals from now on regarding your activities in Japan?

Junior: First of all, our goal is the first place on Oricon chart.
Youngjae: I want to work hard on learning Japanese so that I can communicate better with our fans. Moreover, in order to get recognized by a lot lot more people in Japan, we will do our best!
Mark: I also feel the same as everyone. Because the 7 of us GOT7 are one! (exo realness..don't jinx it now)

More LaughX3 bits to assualt our ears 😅

💦💦 A wet Mark filming Dream Team 💦💦

bonus: papa tuan

Jackson on Cool Kiz on the Block Ep. 124

Jackson Cut on Law of the Jungle 1 & 2(eng sub)

Bamx2 and Coco

trans: My Love

bonus: fangirling airport security


Got7 for Haru Hana vol. 32

👀👀💦👀👀💦Bonus for OP: JJProject looking fine 👀👀💦👀👀💦
at the K festival & SGC Super Live (HQ goodness)

JB walking and existing

JB's new hair colour/in transition hair idk

JB miraculously cures OP's hangover
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