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FTISLAND "Puppy" single listening post


Lyrics: Lee Hongki, Kenn Kato, WISE
Composition: Lee Hongki
Arrangement: corin

[+ Cycle and Parallel World]
2. Cycle

Lyrics: Choi Jonghun, Yuya Suzuki
Composition: Erik Lidbom, Choi Jonghun
Arrangement: AKKIN

3. パラレルワールド (Parallel World)

Lyrics: Lee Jaejin, H.U.B.
Composition: Lee Jaejin, Lee Hongki

Arrangement: DAICHI

Sources: lakkimi + minor tweaks by OP (song credits source: Tower Records Online), FTISLANDofficialjp, Mary Jae 1 2

B-sides for sure are better (but A-side's also grown on me now tbh)
Tags: f.t island, music, overseas activities

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